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Elizabeth Bourne “no longer understood” certain positions of the League of Human Rights

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Elizabeth Bourne said on Wednesday 12 April that she no longer understood some of the positions taken by the League for Human Rights, which Home Secretary Gerald Darmanin wanted. ” a witness “ public subsidies.

“I have a lot of respect for what the Human Rights League embodied. I no longer understand some of his positions.Announced before the Prime Minister’s Senate. “This misunderstanding (…) appeared in its ambiguity in the face of radical Islam”She added, pointing out that the Human Rights League had recently established “Attacked an ordinance forbidding the carriage of arms by destination to Saint-Sullen” (two severs).

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“The Human Rights League belongs to the Republican heritage”

Elizabeth Bourne confirmed that it was not “There is no question of reducing subsidies for this or that in principle.” Association of the willing “Like all members of the government, the associations supporting human rights continue their oversight work, which is funded to a large extent by the state and societies.”.

“But dialogue with associations about their work is also a responsibility, when it comes to public funding.”Follow the Prime Minister.

Honoring those who guarantee the “republican system”

This was announced by Gerald Darmanin, during the hearings before Parliament last week “state aid” in LDH “Worth looking at it in the context of the actions that were carried out”. It caused an uproar on the left.

The League for Human Rights, founded in 1898, has notably deployed citizen observers in recent weeks during demonstrations to document, among other things, the system of maintaining order.

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Saint-Sullen: LDH questioned by the police

Demonstrating is a fundamental right, and it is not by justifying violence that we defend it, on the contrary.confirmed Elizabeth Bourne. “He should be able to practice safely.”

“So, we will continue to work to protect this right, to protect the protesters, and to protect the French.”she argued, making ” Honoring “ To the police and gendarmerie who guarantee “republican system”.

For her, the call translates into supporting the League for Human Rights published on the front page of “L’Humanité”
“Basically” I’“attached” the signatories to it “collective history”.

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