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Being an “ally” of the United States does not mean being a “subsidiary”

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This is being done, said French President Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday, April 12, during a visit to the Netherlands “ally” The United States does not necessarily mean presence “continued”assuming all the controversial comments made about Taiwan.

“Taiwan area powder keg”

“Being an ally is not the same as being a follower. It is not that we are allies, that we do things together […] We no longer have the right to think on our own.”He said at a news conference in Amsterdam after a meeting with Prime Minister Mark Rutte. And that we will go after the toughest people in a country allied with us.He added, in a clear reference to Republican Party officials, the strong attack on China.

sequel after announcement

“France with the status quo in Taiwan”she “support the one-China policy and seek a peaceful settlement of the situation”he added.

We are with the status quo.

Emmanuel Macron sparked a wave of misunderstanding in the United States and Europe by calling on the European Union not to do so. “follower” From Washington or Beijing on the issue of Taiwan. The remarks were immediately interpreted as a distancing from Washington when the United States has been deeply committed to Ukraine since the start of the Russian offensive.

“Macron, a friend, with China licking his ass”Added former US President Donald Trump.

“The position of France and the Europeans is the same as that of Taiwan: we are for the status quo.”However, the French president said in Amsterdam. This policy is unchanged. he added.

sequel after announcement

Emmanuel Macron also lamented that Donald Trump contributes to “The Climb Some Seek”. “When he was president I didn’t comment on his rulings, I won’t now because he’s no longer president.”, did he say. Conversely, he praised the will of US Democratic President Joe Biden “To avoid any escalation despite the current tensions.”.

China/US: The Battle of Taiwan

In France, the leader of rebellious France, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, granted him the right to Emmanuel Macron. “Welcome to the club”It was stated in a tweet by the head of state. “But not ‘equal distances’. I prefer ‘non-alignment’: that rules out the idea of ​​neutrality.he added.

Last summer, Jean-Luc Mélenchon infuriated the environmentalist and his socialist allies, the Nupes members, by announcing that “Taiwan is an inalienable part of China”using a term defended by the regime in Beijing and rejected by the authorities in Taipei.

A French diplomatic source confirmed earlier that France is not uninterested in the tensions around Taiwan, recalling that a French frigate was sailing in the Taiwan Strait when China conducted its last military maneuvers to pressure the island.

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