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Protesters boycott Emmanuel Macron at the start of a speech in the Netherlands

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Protesters interrupted the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, on Tuesday, April 11, in The Hague as he prepared to deliver a speech on the future of Europe.

Where is French democracy? »And “The climate agreement is not respected”The demonstrators shouted from the stands, holding up a banner that read in English: “Head of violence and hypocrisy”.

sequel after announcement

Strikes, the Constitutional Council…a crucial week for reforming the pension system

You have millions of protesters in the streets.It also took off, while since the beginning of the year the French government has faced a very strong challenge to its reforms aimed at postponing the retirement age from 62 to 64 years.

‘You are endangering democracy’

“It is very important to have a social discussion”replied the French head of state when he was able to speak again after a minute’s break. “I can answer all questions about what we are discussing in France”And “This is democracy and democracy is exactly where you can demonstrate.” And see This kind of interference.pointed out.

Pension reform: 13 measures hidden behind 64

but “The day you say to yourself ‘When I don’t agree with the law that has been passed or the people that have been elected, I can do whatever I want because I decide for myself the legality of what I do’, you endanger democracy”Follow Emmanuel Macron.

Having picked up the thread of his discourse on European economic policy, the French president then returned to fixing it, on merit.

“when I compare” With other European countries, the French “You should be less angry with me.”he sighed. “because in your country”retirement age Much higher, and in many countries in Europe it is much higher than 64.he insisted.

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