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Leaked documents showed that US intelligence suspected Ukraine’s counterattack

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American intelligence raised suspicions about a possible Ukrainian counterattack that could not but happen ‘Modest territorial gains’ Against Russian forces, according to press information and documents seen by Agence France-Presse, Tuesday, April 11. These classified documents are among those that appeared on the Internet after a leak revealed by The New York Times on April 6, which the Pentagon considered to represent ‘A very serious danger’ to the national security of the United States.

A Ukrainian counteroffensive against Russian forces is expected in the spring. Ukraine claims that, upstream, it has raised assault brigades and stockpiled ammunition while striving to spare its forces and exhaust its opponent’s forces on the front. It also received battle tanks and long-range artillery from its Western backers. But the strong Russian defenses and “Continuing Ukrainian deficiencies in training and ammunition reserves are likely to strain any advance and multiply losses during the offensive.”according to a US intelligence document classified as a defense secret, according to the “Washington Post”.

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Another confidential document ” Secret “ Consulted by AFP, it details the alarming state of Ukraine’s air defences, which have so far played a decisive role against Russian strikes, preventing Moscow from gaining control of the airspace. But this document, dated February 2023 and which AFP could not immediately confirm its authenticity, claims that 89% of Ukraine’s medium and long-range defenses consist of SA-10 and SA-11 systems. From the Soviet era, which could quickly run out of ammunition. Based on the current rate of consumption of this ammunition, the SA-11 systems could run out by the end of March, and the SA-10 systems by the beginning of May, the document adds. Kyiv’s ability to maintain medium range air defenses for front line protection It will drop to zero by May 23rd..

An investigation has been opened in the United States after dozens of classified documents were leaked, including some related to the war in Ukraine

Egyptian missiles?

Another leaked document claims that Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi ordered the production of 40,000 missiles for delivery to Russia, warning officials not to keep such a project under wraps. To avoid problems with the West.The Washington Post reported in a separate article.

But John Kirby, a spokesman for the National Security Council, a body directly linked to Joe Biden, denied this information, stating that he had no “There is no indication that Egypt is supplying legitimate arms to Russia.”. “Egypt is and remains an important partner on security issues”did he say. The US military has a longstanding defense relationship with Egypt..

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A steady stream of images of classified documents has been detected on Twitter, Telegram, Discord and other platforms in recent days, although some may have been circulating online for weeks before catching media attention. Leakage is dangerous ” dangerous “ For the national security of the United States, according to estimates by the Pentagon Monday. Many of these documents are no longer available on the sites where they originally appeared, and US authorities are reportedly working to remove them all.

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