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KOLJA ANNUSSEK: From American football to luxury streetwear

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A thriving luxury clothing brand Colga Anusik Worn by the most fashionable clients in cities around the world. The iconic “KA” logo that adorns many of the brand’s designs is a simple symbol and statement of the brand’s strong presence. Although it’s only been a few years since her first collection, Kolja Annussek has made a sensational foray into the fashion world and made a name for herself among street style players. And it does so with modern, urban clothing: the Kolja collection’s leather accents, embroidered snakes and ultra-chic outfits speak to today’s modern consumer. But the true story of the brand’s birth stems from Kolja Annussek’s roots, growing up in a small town, with the right influences and big ambitions.

A multi-faceted personality, Mr. Anosek is no ordinary. Born and raised in Germany, he grew up and lived his passion for sports to the fullest, especially football and basketball. His love for basketball led him to explore American culture, music, and the arts, especially hip hop/rap and graffiti. After completing his studies, Mr. Anosek continues to live his passion for football and plays at a semi-professional level within the Bundesliga. He even won a championship at that time. After his experience in the world of football, he continued his higher education and moved to the United Kingdom to obtain his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Social Economics, International Business and Global Financial Management, respectively. After completing his studies, he started working in London in the field of mergers and acquisitions and then moved to private equity.

But life has planned a completely different fate for Mr. Anosek. A family connection brought him back to Germany, and it was around this time that he discovered his passion for fashion. It all starts with a leather jacket, genuine python skin, that he came across in Amsterdam. This is what Kolja describes as his moment of revelation, the moment when he knew for certain that he was not destined for the funding. The jacket in question gave him the inspiration to become a fashion designer, and he almost immediately set about designing prototypes for his first collection, which he called the KA-SIG Collection.

Annussek started prototyping and presented her first collection, KA-SIG, in 2020. This exclusive collection consists of just 100 T-shirts, each unique because of the genuine snakeskin embroidery, adding a distinctive touch to each part. These exceptional items are manufactured entirely in Germany, with strict quality control measures in place throughout the production process. Additionally, Kolja Annussek offers customization service upon request, including a bespoke finish option for the KA-SIG-001. In doing so, the customer can customize the back of the shirt by having their name embroidered on the original snake logo.


The success of the first collection and positive feedback from customers encouraged Kolja to take his entrepreneurial spirit to the next level, despite the fact that he still had two jobs at the time to enable him to fund the brand. Fashion has always been a way to express yourself, and that’s what defines their brand. In his second set, he was inspired by his years as a semi-professional soccer player and the influence of American spirit on his life. It incorporates signature football apparel elements, such as capital lettering and structured shoulders, into key pieces of the collection.

Anosek’s decision to choose New York as the location for his brand campaign reflects a collection and ideology inspired by the heart of the city. He deliberately chose this city to depict the effect America had on him during his childhood and to show how it inspired the new collection. They capture the essence of the city, its vibrancy and the cultural diversity it has witnessed, along with the contemporary styles of modern clothing designs.

To cement Kolja Annussek’s reputation as a high-end streetwear brand, its creator decided to move to Paris, the fashion capital of the world. Due to the great interest the city has shown in his brand since its inception, he made the decision to spend some time there and was surprised by the warm reception and positive feedback he received. He believes that the rich history and influence of Paris fashion will elevate his brand and allow it to reach its full potential. With a commitment to quality, creativity and a deep understanding of streetwear culture, Mr. Anosik is determined to make his brand a big name in the fashion industry.

As an entrepreneur, Kolja Annussek has successfully created a high-end streetwear brand that offers unique and funky iconic pieces, combining modern couture design with its founder’s roots in American streetwear and sports culture. The brand’s philosophy is to cherish the true art of tailoring and personalization, the clever use of exclusive and durable materials in all aspects and throughout the creative process, to bring unique pieces to life, to focus and adhere to exclusive products and original items for the customer, and to have a positive impact on society: all characteristics that make the brand exceptional. truly. It will be very interesting to see what the future holds for Kolja Annussek and her namesake brand.

Visit www.koljaannussek.com for more information.

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