Home Politics “Equal sign between LFI and RN”? Macroni’s great camouflage

“Equal sign between LFI and RN”? Macroni’s great camouflage

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A slight outburst of rage, or the weariness of seeing this perpetual agitation prevail at the beginning of March on the Assembly benches? With the debate over pension reform reaching its climax, Yael Brown-Biveh no longer hesitates, henceforth, to say in private all the bad things she thinks about the hardliners of La France Insoumise. Because if the parliamentary debate reaches such a degree of violence, it will mainly be the responsibility of some LFI. “Those who shout and shout are not there to persuade.”, sums up the President of the National Assembly. That Thomas Ports did not understand “gravity” from his gesture [le député LFI de Seine-Saint-Denis avait posé le pied sur un ballon de foot à l’effigie du ministre du travail, N.D.L.R.] And refused to apologize? I remained silent. And you won’t be the only one. Regularly, in the mail she received every morning, letters from the French slipped in asking her for further action with these rebels, and especially Louis Boyard, elected representative of the Val-de-Marne and the new head of the Turk of the majority, of the right and the extreme right. What did you do: last week, “YBP” He took up the pen to summon the 77 deputies of the regime, mostly rebels and environmentalists, and remind the entire national representation that he had not tasted, but then not tasted at all, Serious individual or group imbalances observed in recent months.

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