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Chinese maneuvers around Taiwan, a collapsed building in Marseille… Five things to remember from this weekend

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• Tensions over the Chinese military maneuvers around Taiwan

The Chinese military said on Monday that it has “successfully completed” Military maneuvers are aimed at encircling the self-ruled island of Taiwan for three days, which Beijing claims as one of its provinces.

Chinese leadership has Extensively tested its combat capability. subscriber “in real conditions”He said in a message posted on social media, specifying “To be ready for battle at any time and be determined to crush all forms of Taiwan independence separatism and attempts at foreign intervention”.

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“Taiwan area powder keg”

Beginning on Saturday, the Chinese maneuvers were intended to protest Wednesday’s meeting of Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen with the Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy.

On the last day of this operation, Taiwan claims to have spotted 12 warships and 91 aircraft around the island on Monday. These maneuvers have been denounced by Taiwan and the United States, which both called for “detention” While deploying destroyers in waters claimed by Beijing, it received support from Russia, which felt that it was not China has the sovereign right to respond [aux] provocative actions » United States.

The invasion of Taiwan, America’s worst nightmare

• Six dead at least in the collapse of a building in Marseille

In France, this is the information that marked this weekend: a four-storey residential building collapsed overnight from Saturday to Sunday in the center of Marseille, at 17 avenue de Tivoli.

Firefighters immediately started a “race against time” to find the victims trapped under the rubble. Six bodies were found on Monday evening, and many more people are still missing, while hope of finding survivors is dwindling with time. Hundreds of rescuers with the help of dogs, drones and thermal sensors worked at the scene in difficult conditions, especially complicated by a rubble fire.

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Apartment building collapse in Marseille: what we know

About 200 people, including families, were evacuated from surrounding buildings as a precaution. An investigation is ongoing to determine the cause of the explosion. Gas is clearly part of the tracks, according to authorities. According to the mayor, attorney general, and governor, the buildings are not considered unhealthy.

• Six dead in an avalanche in Haute-Savoie

Six people have died after an avalanche that occurred Sunday morning on the Armancette glacier, on the heights of Contaminnes-Montjoie in Haute-Savoie.

Avalanche surprised Three groups of skaters.all “Under the supervision of one or two mountain guides.”say the word. Among the dead were two guides from the company of guides in St-Gervais (Haute-Savoie), born in 1974 and 1984, the National Federation of Mountain Guides announced on Sunday, and four clients. Among them is a couple from Lyon, aged 39 and 42, a young woman from Beaufortin and a young man from Lille, both in their twenties.

Captured skiers took part in a classic ski run of the Mont Blanc mountains, in great weather and without any weather warning.

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• The death of lawyer Hervé Timim

Criminal lawyer and president of the Paris Bar Association Hervé Timim has died at the age of 65, his family announced on Monday. The thick-rimmed lawyer began his career in 1979. His main clients have included UBS, Server Laboratories, actor Gerard Depardieu, director Roman Polanski, the family of Agnès Le Roux in the Maurice Aguilet trial or even since last year the ousted car tycoon called Carlos Ghosn at the beginning of the year to Me Xavier Nogueras in a fraud case in favor of drug smuggler Robert Dawes.

Hervé Timim, Master of Secrets

“The bar is an orphan. Hervé Timim has just left us. He was a great lawyer.”the reaction of Keeper of the Seals and former lawyer Eric Dupond Moretti.

• The United States is facing leaks of classified documents

The United States has assessed the risks associated with the leaking of classified documents. The fact that these documents are circulating on the Internet represents “A very serious risk to national security and could fuel disinformation.”Pentagon spokesman Chris Major told reporters on Monday.

This leak of classified documents was revealed last week by The New York Times. This is especially true of the assessments and reports of the American intelligence services associated with the war in Ukraine, as well as with the allies of the United States.

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Wall Street Journal journalist arrested in Russia for ‘espionage’

These documents circulated on social networks and could be useful to Moscow. The Ministry of Justice, which opened an investigation on Saturday, is trying to determine the source of the leaks and is still examining the authenticity of the released documents. According to the Washington Post, citing US officials, some of them appear to have been tampered with. But most of them are consistent with CIA reports circulating in the White House, the Pentagon, or the State Department, says the same source.

And also: Without surprise, Fabien Roussel was re-elected at the head of the French Communist Party, dozens of cases of poisoning of school girls were recorded in Iran, the supposed killer of a gendarme was arrested in Guyana, the film “Limbo” was awarded at the Reims Polar Festival …

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