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The future museum of the history of France and Algeria “should be a place for discussion”

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Will a historical museum between France and Algeria finally see the light? So many times I fantasized, so many times I deserted, project was Historian Benjamin Stora advocated for it in his report on “Questions of Remembrance Related to Colonialism and the War in Algeria.” [PDF]It was handed over to the Elysee Palace in January 2021. During his official visit to Algeria at the end of August 2022, Emmanuel Macron expressed his desire to implement the establishment of this future museum and make it, in his words, a place Where memory […] It offers a space for research, truth and acknowledgment, no doubt, but also for creativity, culture and sharing..

Montpellier’s mayor, Michael Delafosse, is at the beginning of the road. He was only waiting for the go-ahead from the French president to seriously deal with this ancient project, initially planned in the city of Languedoc and without peer in France. In August he reaffirmed the legitimacy of his city, a land of welcome to many returnees and Harkis, to host this institution, for the sake of “Courageously look at the past, but also draw lines for the future”.

The opportunity is unexpected. The city councilman has a bitter memory of burying his predecessor for the project. Imagined in 2002 by Georges Frisch – not without controversy – the museum was abandoned in 2014 by Philippe Sorel despite the millions of euros involved. The latter, which was installed in the town hall until 2020, justified its choice at a cost

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