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The death of a Palestinian boy in an Israeli raid and the death of an Israeli woman

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On Monday, April 10, a Palestinian boy was killed during an Israeli military operation in the occupied West Bank, in the context of a new outbreak of violence in the Middle East.

The Israeli army said in a brief statement that “The security forces were carrying out an operation in Aqabat Jaber.”a Palestinian refugee camp near Jericho. “During the process of arresting a suspect…violent clashes erupted at various points…soldiers fired live ammunition.”The military said it had arrested the suspect.

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Israel, a country fractured since Netanyahu’s alliance with the far right

The Palestinian Ministry of Health reported the death of 15-year-old Muhammad Fayez Balhan. He was killed by live bullets. after being shot in the head and chest. The Palestinian Islamic Movement Hamas condemned a Brief implementation [Mohamed Balhan] of the Israeli occupation forces in a raid on the occupied West Bank..

This new Israeli military operation comes after the funeral of two Israeli young women who were killed Friday in a Palestinian attack in the Jericho area. Jerusalem’s Hadassah Hospital reported Monday that the girls’ mother, a British Israeli who was also wounded Friday, has succumbed to her injuries. President Isaac Herzog offered his condolences to the family “In the name of all the Israeli people”.

Tensions after the Israeli forces stormed a mosque

Deadly attacks and rocket attacks from Gaza, Lebanon and Syria, followed by Israeli reprisals: the region has been suffering a wave of violence since the brutal storming of the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, the third holiest site in Jerusalem, by Israeli forces on Wednesday. Islam, sparking a series of condemnations and a sudden outbreak of tensions.

On Wednesday, Israeli forces stormed Al-Aqsa Mosque, expelling worshipers gathered to perform night prayers, in the middle of Ramadan, the month of Muslim fasting, which in recent days coincides with the Jewish and Christian Passover celebrations.

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Israel claims that the security forces were Forced to work to restore order In a confrontation “extremists” They barricaded themselves in the mosque with stones and firecrackers, which were used against the police during their assault.

“Israel is threatened with a journey into darkness”

The next day, about 30 rockets were fired from Lebanon at Israel, injuring one person and causing material damage. The Israeli army responded by launching strikes in Gaza and southern Lebanon.

Nearly three million Palestinians live in the West Bank, an area occupied by Israel since 1967. Some 490,000 Jewish settlers live there in settlements deemed illegal by the United Nations under international law. Since the beginning of the year, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has claimed the lives of at least 94 Palestinians and 18 Israelis, Ukrainians and Italians, according to an AFP tally compiled by official Israeli and Palestinian sources.

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