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Sylvie Cotet is a Quebec-based corporate trainer and coach

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With a focus on people, trainer, coach, and author Sylvie Cottet offers one-on-one sessions and coaching for companies and their employees.

The human being is at the heart of its approach

For Sylvie Cottet, a certified trainer, speaking in public has never been a problem. on the contrary. “As a child, I already loved to perform for my parents. On stage I was like a fish in water! Sylvie Cottet recalls, with a naturally cheerful and sentimental temperament. No career in theatre, but first professional life in the business world. “I worked for about thirty years in the field Communications, sales and marketing, especially in the pharmaceutical sector.” But little by little, the desire to share and send Selfie Coat has overtaken. She is learning about training and apprenticeships. For seven years now, she has been giving trainings to companies. “I have reconnected with my core, which is to be oriented Human. I help people find what drives them, what makes them tick. Helping people to (re)find meaning in their lives, their passions, waking up in the morning with the thought of the day beginning, that makes me happy,” said the coach and coach.

Corporate training

As a coach, Sylvie Cott accompanies people in one-on-one consultations. The issues are diverse: professional burnout, loss of meaning at work, relationship difficulties, team management, self-confidence, taking a job, vocational retraining, etc. Listening and tenderness are required but not complacent. “The sessions are built under the sign of co-creation, in the spirit of brainstorming. The people who come to see me already have, like all of us, all the answers inside of them. Part of my job is to make them aware of their possibilities and their options,” explains the coach. At the same time, Sylvie Côté offers about ten training courses for companies and their employees. The palette is wide: about customer satisfaction, complaints management, complaints and difficult customers, customer communication, teamwork, sales techniques, networking, leadership, and so on. “Communication is a very important part of my training. The choice of words, the tone used, the flow of conversation, and verbal and non-verbal communication are essential elements of a good relationship, ”explains Sylvie Kot. Another upcoming project: the launch of the “Clinique de soutien auxreneurs du Québec (cse-qc.com)” with Ariane, a fellow instructor. “The psychological well-being and mental health of business leaders is an important issue in today’s society,” notes Sylvie Cottet.

Passionate about people and eager to pass on her experience and knowledge, Sylvie Kot recently realized one of her dreams: to write a book. With my understanding, she recounts some of her experiences with humor and humility, full of questions, doubts, and mistakes but also progress and joy. “I wanted to look at certain events in my life to help others make better choices for them, not to repeat the same mistakes I made. To save time in a nutshell! Says Sylvie Cottet. If the trainer had one message to convey through her book and companions?” Learn to listen To your little inner voice, the one that often knows better than us what is good for us, our heart and desire take us to recreate the spark, the joy of life, and thus to regain its power of decision. Sylvie Coate concludes with infectious enthusiasm. A book with healing virtues! I realized it was available in bookstores in Quebec, on certain digital platforms and on Sylvie Coté’s website. The improved version will be released online these days under the title “Reprise son droit”.


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