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Third dead large whale washed up on Bali beach in less than two weeks

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A 17-meter long sperm whale has died after being stranded on a beach in Bali, Indonesia, a conservation official announced Sunday, April 9. This is the third whale found dead in just over a week. This was seen on Saturday afternoon at Yeh Leh Beach, east of the island.

“We are trying to bring the body back to shore to facilitate the autopsy and will bury it once the examination is complete.”Permana Yudiarso, the local official for marine affairs and fisheries, told AFP.

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On Wednesday, another 18-meter sperm whale was found alive for the first time, stranded ashore on the east coast, and then released. He died a few hours later on another beach, Permana Yudiarsu said, apparently without any injuries. On April 1, an 11-meter whale whale was found dead on a beach in Tabanan (south), its carcass already decomposing.

It appears that the sperm whale has succumbed to a disease

“Just like the whale that got stranded a few days ago.”According to Permana Yudiarso, the sperm whale that died on Saturday appears to have died of disease. “His body was thin.”he added.

The official said it would take at least three weeks before autopsy results are in, but experts found blood in the lungs of the 17-meter-long sperm whale and its colon filled with fluid.

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The police prohibited entry to the area to prevent theft of meat or parts of the carcass.

In 2018, a sperm whale was found dead with more than 100 cups and 25 plastic bags in its stomach, a dramatic example of the scale of the plastic waste problem at sea facing the Southeast Asian archipelago. Indonesia is the second largest contributor to marine plastic litter after China.

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