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North Korea says it is adept at using underwater nuclear attack drones, but doubts remain

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On Saturday, April 8, North Korea claimed to have conducted a new test of an underwater nuclear attack in retaliation for joint military exercises between South Korea and the United States, a technique that Pyongyang’s mastery of is still in question.

test this Underwater strategic weapon system. The official Korean Central News Agency said that from April 4 to 7. The Haeil-2 type A machine moved “Simulation of a distance of 1000 km underwater”she added. North Korea announced on March 23 the first test of this unprecedented device, which it believes can “to produce a massive radioactive tsunami”.

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weapon to him “Exploded neatly underwater”The agency added that this trial “Proves the reliability of the submarine strategic weapon system and its lethal attack capability”. This is the third test of this device claimed by North Korea, after a test on March 23 and another on March 28.

“Taiwan area powder keg”

Expert doubts

Russia has reportedly developed a similar weapon — the nuclear-capable Poseidon torpedoes — but mastering the complex technology required for such weapons remains beyond North Korea’s reach, experts say.

however, “Even if North Korea has, to some extent, exaggerated the level of success (of these tests), it seems to show Pyongyang’s confidence in this technology.”tensed with AFP Choi Gi-il, a professor of military studies at Sangji University.

So North Korea’s claims should not be the same “Swept away on the grounds that it would be exaggerated.”. According to him, it cannot be ruled out that Pyongyang benefited from the transfer of technology from Russia for this weapon system.

sequel after announcement

There is nothing the North Koreans want to hide.

High nuclear activity

Seoul and Washington, for their part, carried out joint air exercises on April 5 that included at least one US nuclear-capable B-52H bomber, according to the South Korean military. From March 13 to 23, the two allies conducted their most significant joint exercise in five years, dubbed “shield of freedom”. Pyongyang views these maneuvers as rehearsals for invading its territory and multiplying weapons experiments. The regime notably claimed to have fired an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) on 16 March.

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North Korea declared itself a nuclear power last year. “Irreversible” And in March, Kim Jong-un ordered his forces to intensify their training for a “real war”. He also called for accelerating the production of fissile materials for nuclear weapons, and diversifying the national arsenal.

Satellite images taken a month ago showed high levels of activity at North Korea’s main nuclear complex, Yongbyon, according to the US-based organization 38 North.

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