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Nick Mason of Pink Floyd is “lured” to reunite with Roger Waters

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Nick Mason, Pink Floyd’s drummer, has long served as the go-between between singer-guitarist David Gilmour and bassist-vocalist Roger Waters, and despite years of drama, he’s still “tempted” to properly reunite the band and get Waters back into the mix.

Gilmour recently called Waters an “anti-Semitic, misogynistic Putin apologist,” while Waters used to re-record the legendary Pink Floyd album The dark side of the moon without the rest of the band. However, in a recent interview, Mason did not rule out a meeting. “You never know what you’ll be thrown at,” he said. “He tends to say I’m available for anything.”

Mason wasn’t bothered by Waters’ rewriting the dark side of the moon, acknowledging that the recording was “annoyingly great”.


“[Waters] He actually sent me a copy of what he was working on and I wrote to him and said, “Annoying, it’s so cool!” Mason remembers. “It was and still is. It’s not anything that would ever spoil the original, it’s an interesting addition to the thing.”

To bolster his standing as a party neutral, Mason also supported Waters by signing a petition asking the city of Frankfurt, Germany, to allow the musician to play a scheduled concert after the city council canceled the gig, deeming his earlier statements anti-Semitic. Eric Clapton and Tom Morello also signed the petition, which argued that “officials defaming Waters are engaging in a dangerous campaign that willfully mixes criticism of Israel’s illegal and unfair policies with anti-Semitism.”

For those who prefer the original, Pink Floyd recently revealed its 50th Anniversary box set the dark side of the moon, It features a remastered version of the album, a recording of the band’s 1974 set at Wembley Empire Pool, and a book of rare, previously unseen photographs of the band.


Mason joined Kyle Meredith with… last year to discuss his role as an intermediary between his Pink Floyd bandmates, as well as touring the band’s first catalog with his band Saucerful of Secrets.

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