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For Boris Vallo, Emmanuel Macron is a ‘madman’ carrying out a ‘democratic coup’

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On Sunday, April 9, the leader of the Socialist Party’s deputies, Boris Vallo, described Emmanuel Macron as a “Frenzy […] entrenched in the ElyseeAccusing him of causing a crisis and a “democratic coup” in “brutality” And parliament by not listening to the street about pension reform.

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Stubbornness is a bad advisor, and we have a bigoted boss.said the deputy PS from Landes, guest of the RTL / LCI / Le Figaro Grand Jury. “When you’re so entrenched in the Elysée and just listening to yourself, I don’t have many other qualities than that.”He responded to journalists who responded to the use of the term “forced”.

sequel after announcement

A “political, institutional and social” crisis

When asked about the words of CFDT Chairman Laurent Berger who spoke on Wednesday from “democratic crisis” On the eve of the eleventh day of mobilization against pension reform, Boris Valo went further: It is also political, institutional and social. The accumulation of all this is what worries us and drives us to despair.. “Yes, it is a political coup and a democratic crisis.”he argued.

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“When you discredit social dialogue, when you step on social partners […]When you disrespect the parliamentary institution, when you brutally practice it […]That there are people on the street demonstrating in hundreds of thousands, in millions, yes, it is a democratic coup because you are corrupting democracy.he insisted.

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