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The government wants to impose an “additional contribution” on private jets in 2024

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The government will provide “Economic contribution revised up” In 2024 for private commercial aviation, Minister of Transport Clement Bonn announced on Thursday, April 6, before the National Assembly, during a debate on pollution from private aircraft.

“It’s not anecdotal.”Hemecquerel conceded, while voicing his opposition to the ban on private jet flights, brought in by environmentalists as part of their day dedicated to Bourbon Palace.

sequel after announcement

How the rich burn the planet

In the Finance Act 2023, prof “70% increase in fuel tax for private aviation” He remembers, agreeing that there are certain practices “Shocking, often bizarre, sometimes unacceptable”.

And I’m telling you, we’ll go even further if you approve the budget for 2024 with the private commercial aviation proposal. […] It may be subject to an additional contribution, an increased environmental contribution, which will specifically allow these behaviors to be taken into account.”And the minister continued.

Bringing the rich down to earth

“A general ban makes good conscience but does not advance environmental transformation in practice.”estimated by Clement Bonn, with special emphasis on “legal hurdles” and the difficulty of identifying and monitoring exemptions.

Climate: confining the plane, to what point?

Environmentalists have suggested a ban Non-commercial non-scheduled passenger air servicesas well as non-scheduled general air transport services The number of its passengers is less than sixty..

sequel after announcement

that it “Bring the rich down to earth” By having them contribute to the environmental transition, Rep. Julien Bayou appealed. It is the measure that punishes the least number of people but produces the greatest impact on the climate and atmosphere. »

Examination of the text, which was heading towards rejection, could not be completed due to lack of time, and it was a “parliamentary standing” that could not be extended beyond midnight.

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