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China conducts military exercises “total encirclement” of Taiwan

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China conducted exercises in the Taiwan Strait “full encirclement” From the island, Chinese state television announced Saturday, April 8, the first day of the military maneuvers that will continue until Monday. Today’s exercise focuses on the ability to control the sea, airspace and information […] In order to create deterrence and complete encirclement “ From Taiwan, CCTV said.

Destroyers, fast missile launchers, combat aircraft, tankers and jammers are especially mobilized. The exact location of these processes is not yet known.

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“Taiwan area powder keg”

maneuvers “They serve as solemn warnings against collusion between separatist forces seeking ‘Taiwan independence’ and outside forces, as well as their provocative activities.”Earlier today, the Chinese military spokesperson, Shi Yi, warned. These operations also include “Patrols”we are “Necessary to safeguard China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity”Justified his spokesman.

“Finally solve the Taiwan issue”

Local maritime authorities said that live-fire exercises will be held on Monday in the Taiwan Strait near the coast of Fujian (east), the province facing the island.

These exercises take dimension “Employment”to prove that the Chinese army will be ready, “If provocations intensify”to “Finally solve the Taiwan question”Military analyst Song Zhongping told AFP. Taiwan considered that these maneuvers threaten the “stability and security” in the Asia Pacific region.

The invasion of Taiwan, America’s worst nightmare

Its chairman, Tsai Ing-wen, on Saturday denounced A “authoritarian expansion” From China confirmed that the territory She will continue to work with the United States and other countries […] To defend the values ​​of freedom and democracy.. For its part, the Taiwanese Ministry of Defense indicated “Situation Monitor” And after he instructed the army ” Respond “ to Chinese military activities.

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Washington wants to quickly supply weapons to Taiwan

A few hours after Beijing announced that the military exercises would take place, Tsai Ing-wen met with a delegation from the US Congress visiting Taipei. Michael McCaul, head of this delegation and responsible for sales of US military equipment to foreign countries, said Washington is working to quickly supply weapons to Taiwan.

“We are doing everything we can in Congress to expedite those sales and get you the weapons you need to defend yourself, and we will train your army, not for war, but for peace.”He said.

China/US: The Battle of Taiwan

On Saturday morning in Pingtan, the point closest to Taiwan in southeastern China, tourists watched the choppy waters of the sea, but there was no noticeable military activity.

The moves follow Tsai Ing-wen’s visit to the United States this week, where she met Kevin McCarthy, the speaker of the House of Representatives, on Wednesday. Beijing promised immediately “Resolute and energetic measures” in revenge. China sees with dismay the rapprochement in action in recent years between the Taiwanese authorities and the United States, which despite the absence of official relations provides the island with significant military support.

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China considers Taiwan (23 million people) one of its provinces, which it has not yet succeeded in reuniting with the rest of its territory since the end of the Chinese Civil War in 1949. The countries recognized the People’s Republic of China in 1979 and should in theory have no official contact with the Republic of China (Taiwan), under “One China Principle” Beijing defended it.


The exact location of the new maneuvers has not been determined, except for Monday’s live-fire exercises, which will take place around Pingtan. The narrowest part of the strait between the Chinese coast and the island is about 130 kilometers wide.

In August, Beijing launched unprecedented military exercises around Taiwan when Democrat Nancy Pelosi, who preceded Kevin McCarthy to perch, visited the island. The response at this stage to the meeting with the American number three is nothing compared to the summer of 2022, when the missiles were launched.

2023: From Taiwan to the Balkans, the seven crises threatening the world

Taiwan’s Defense Ministry said Saturday noon that it had detected eight Chinese warships and 42 combat aircraft around the island. The source said that 29 aircraft entered the air defense identification zone in southwestern Taiwan.

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These military exercises come the day after Emmanuel Macron’s state visit to China, during which he raised the issue of Taiwan with Chinese President Xi Jinping. “The conversation was intense and frank.” On this subject, the Elysee said on Friday.

“Anyone who thinks China will cede Taiwan is kidding themselves”On Thursday, Xi Jinping confirmed to European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, during a meeting in Beijing, according to remarks quoted by the Chinese diplomat.

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