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2023 Billion Dollar Ranking | Who are the youngest billionaires in the world?

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Generation Y | Although the average age of the arrangement Forbes Billionaires 2023 are 65 years old, and some are getting rich even faster.

This year, the average age is in the ranking Forbes One of the richest people on the planet 65 years old. The oldest billionaire is an insurance magnate George Josephfrom him 101 years old. However, “the value does not wait for the number of years,” as Cornell puts it: age is clearly not a condition indispensable condition To accumulate great fortune and get into the leaderboard Forbes billionaires. this year, 15 People Age 30 And Under Can Claim They’re Part Of The Billionaire’s Club.

The youngest billionaires in the ranking are Clemente Del Vecchio And Kim Jong Yoon, who are not yet in their twenties. The parents of these two teens, Leonardo Delvecchio And Kim Jong Jo, in 2022 and left them stakes in their companies. Clemente Del Vecchio, who turns 19 in May, is making his fortune from a stake in his father’s holding company, Delfin, which owns a stake in eyewear giant Luxottica (known for brands like Ray-Ban and Sunglass Hut). Not much is known about the young heir, whose six siblings (two also under 30) and mother-in-law feature in the rankings. Forbes billionaires. Not much is known about Kim Jung-Youn, whose fortune lies in Japanese-South Korean online gaming giant Nexon. She and her sister Jung Min are believed to be 19 and 21 years old, respectively, but a company representative declined to comment on their ages, and Forbes He was unable to find any primary source confirming their date of birth.

The 30 richest people so far is Mark Mateschitzthe heir to Red Bull, whose father Dietrich died in October 2022. His net worth is estimated at $34.7 billion, it is worth nearly ten times the value of Clemente Del Vecchio and his two brothers. Mark Mateschitz is richer than 150 newcomers of rank Forbes Billionaires 2023.

In total, 11 of these 15 billionaires have inherited their fortunes. Only four are self-taught entrepreneurs. that it Ben Franciswho founded sportswear maker Gymshark in 2012, when he was 19, and Palmer Lockey, who sold his first company to Facebook and returned with a successful defense tech business. Both are new members of the billionaire ranks.

Last year there were also 15 young billionaires in the rankings, but the names have changed dramatically with nine newcomers and eight leaving the rankings altogether, including the BRICS co-founders, Henrique Dubograss And Pedro FranceschiDoorDash co-founders Stanley Tang And Andy Fang. They still have a long way to go back, which will be more difficult for the co-founder of FTX, Gary Wang29, who pleaded guilty to the fraud charges in December.

As a group, the net worth of these fifteen youngsters is $64 billionup ten billion from 2022, thanks in large part to the massive legacy of Mark Mateschitz. However, amassing so much money even at such a young age is still a rare feat. This exclusive group alone accounts for only 0.6% of the total 2,640 billionaires From the world.

ranking | Here are the 15 youngest billionaires in the world this year, ranked from oldest to youngest

(Net assets as of March 10, 2023)

# 1. Ben Francis

age : 30 years | nation : United Kingdom | Sources of income : GameShark | net value : 1.2 billion dollars

Ben Francis was hopping between college classes serving pizza when he founded sportswear maker Gymshark in 2012, at the age of 19. He sewed the first pieces in his parents’ garage in Birmingham, UK, and used a wild marketing strategy to carve his way into the activewear arena, enticing influencers from around the world in weightlifting to promote his brand. Gymshark has achieved a sales volume of over 500 million dollars in 2021. Ben Francis sold 21% of the business to private equity firm General Atlantic in 2020 for 300 million dollars, but still owned 70%. Unicorn’s latest initiative? Physical store: Gymshark London opens in 2022 offering training classes and brand apparel.

# 2. Palmer Lockey

age : 30 years | nation : United States | Sources of income : Virtual Reality, Defense Technologies | net value : 1.7 billion dollars

The former whiz kid founded virtual reality glasses maker Oculus before selling the company to Facebook for a fee $2 billion In 2014. Then he moved to the arms industry. His defense tech startup Anduril, which has systems on the ground in Ukraine and aims to build drones and surveillance products for the US Department of Defense, has raised eyebrows. $1.5 billion During the evaluation $8.5 billion in December.

# 3. Mark Mateschitz

age : 30 years | nation : Austria | Sources of income : Red Bull | luck network : 34.7 billion dollars

He inherited 49% of the energy drink giant Red Bull after the death of his father, the company’s co-founder, Dietrich Mateschitz, in October. Soon after, he resigned as chair of the biology department to “focus on his role as a contributor.”

#4. Michel Strnad

age : 30 years | nation : Czech Republic | sources) to Enter : weapons | luck network $2 billion

His company Czechoslovak Group is one of the largest suppliers of ammunition, ground and artillery equipment for the Ukrainian army, which made it possible to double sales to reach a turnover of 620 million dollars In the first half of 2022. He assumed full control of the company founded by his father in 2018.

# 5. Gustav Magnar Witzo

age : 29 years | nation : Norway | Sources of income : fish farming | net value : 2.7 billion dollars

He owns about half of the salmon farming company SalMar ASA, inherited from his father Gustav Witzu, but does not play an operational role in it. Instead, he focuses on real estate and investing in tech startups.

#6. Ryan Breslow

age : 28 years | nation : United States | Sources of income : e-commerce | luck network : 1.1 billion dollars

Stanford graduate student Ryan Breslow founded three companies four years apart: Bolt, which catapulted him to stardom, Echo and Love. A fourth project, The DAO Movement, was supposed to launch this year, but it led to a legal battle with a dishonest engineer who allegedly stole two-thirds of his initial funding. The engineer’s lawyer described the accusations as “imaginary”.

# 7. Leonardo Maria del Vecchio

age : 27 years | nation : Italy | Sources of income : Luxottica | net value : 3.5 billion dollars

Leonardo Del Vecchio was the second richest person in Italy when he died in June 2022, leaving 12.5% ​​of his fortune (mostly shares in Esilor-Luxottica, the world’s largest eyewear company) to his widow Nicoletta Zambello, his six children and a son-in-law. Leonardo Maria Del Vecchio is Leonardo Del Vecchio’s only child with Nicoletta Zambello and leads the Luxotica strategy.

#8. Katharina Andersen

age : 27 years | nation : Norway | Sources of income : Investments | luck network : 1.5 billion dollars

Together with her younger sister Alexandra, Katarina Andersen is part of the sixth generation of owners of Ferd, the investment firm of more than $4 billion (in stock) led by their father, Johan Andersson. Katarina Andersen is Director of Sustainability at a construction company based in Oslo.

# 9. Wang Zi Long

age : 26 years | nation : China | Sources of income : production of dyes | net value : 1.4 billion dollars

Wang Zilong’s wealth stems from a stake in the listed company, CNNC Hua Yuan Titanium Dioxide. Titanium dioxide is a chemical used to create white pigments for products such as paint and paper.

# 10. Alexandra Anderson

age : 26 years | nation : Norway | Sources of income : Investments | net value : 1.5 billion dollars

Alexandra Andersen and her sister Katharina each own a 42% stake in the investment company Ferd. Even if she’s not holding the reins for a ferd, Alexandra knows how to ride a horse: She’s been a three-time Norwegian Junior Dressage Champion and runs a horse breeding and training centre.

Number 11. Luca Del Vecchio

age : 21 years old | nation : Italy | Sources of income : Luxottica | luck network : 3.5 billion dollars

Luca Del Vecchio is one of two children of Leonardo Del Vecchio and Sabrina Grossi, a former board member of Luxottica and former head of investor relations, but he is not known to play a role in the eyewear company.

No. 12. Kim Jong Min

age : 21 years old | nation : South Korea | Sources of income : online games | luck network : 1.7 billion dollars

Along with his younger sister, Kim Jong-yeon, Kim Jong-min inherited about a third of the family’s assets, including a 15% stake in the game-making company Nexon, after the death of their father, Kim Jong-ju, in February 2022. The latter founded Nexon, a company known for its multiplayer online games Kingdom of the winds And Maple storyin 1994. Forbes Kim Jong Min’s exact age is not known.

# 13. Kevin David Lyman

age : 20 years | nation : Germany | Sources of income : Pharmacies | luck network : 2.3 billion dollars

At the age of 14, he inherited 50% of the German pharmacy chain dm-drogerie markt from his father. The company remained under guardianship until the age of 18H His birthday when he became a billionaire. Neither Kevin David Lehman nor his father is involved in the operation of this turnover company $14 billion.

# 14. Kim Jong Min

age : 19 years | nation : South Korea | Sources of income : online games | luck network : 1.7 billion dollars

Kim Jong Eun, one of two teenage billionaires in this year’s ranking, inherited a stake in her late father’s holding company, which in turn owned about half of online gaming giant Nexon. Both Kim sisters keep a low profile and are not known to take an active role in the business. Forbes You don’t know his exact age.

#15. Clemente Del Vecchio

age : 18 years | nation : Italy | Sources of income : Luxottica | luck network : 3.5 billion dollars

The world was enriched with yet another teen billionaire when Leonardo Del Vecchio passed away in June 2022. Del Vecchio’s youngest heir, Clemente Del Vecchio, is not known for playing a role in Luxottica, which notably owns Sunglass Hut, Ray-Ban and Oakley.

Translated article from the American magazine Forbes – Author: Phoebe Liu

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