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The President of the Assembly reformulates the deputies and denounces the “serious imbalances”

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‘Often an unfortunate sight’And ‘alarming deterioration’ THE DEBATES: The Speaker of the National Assembly, Yael Braun-Beve (Renaissance), sent a letter to all MPs on Friday, April 7 to remind him of the rules and regrets. ‘serious dysfunctions’.

“Murderer”, “coward”, “Tartuf”… Is violence in the association on the rise?

The first months of the sixteenth centuryH It is evident that the legislature has been marked by a serious individual or collective dysfunction in the functioning of our working bodies and a disturbing deterioration in the purity and quality of our exchanges.The owner of the perch, in this letter, estimates that AFP was able to consult him.

sequel after announcement

the “sad record” penalties for “Unacceptable or inappropriate behavior” He should ‘We all challenge’she claims, referring to “insult” And “Frantic Sessions”.

Penalties are disproportionate for some. The regime’s latest call to dozens of deputies sparked a series of protests among the left. We are not children who should be punished, but we are MPs who oppose your pension reform. No call to order will silence or frighten us.”Environmental activist Sandrine Russo on Twitter.

The biggest loser in all of this is democracy.

If pacifying the debates matters, it is because the remainder of the five-year term of the presidential majority is at stake. “We have to learn to debate with other deputies.”“The Obs,” warns Renaissance deputy Patrick Vignall. Hérault’s elected representative thinks his camp should stop there “Parliamentary frustration” He says he is ready to discuss with elected opposition officials (not to mention the national army). “We have more problems with the LFI, even if some rebels tell me they agree to work together”, Slips. Whatever the case, the current functioning of the association must be changed, the deputy asserts: The biggest loser in all of this is democracy. »

They cited Jul and Robespierre…

The president of the association also points out a series of rules, such as the prohibition of abuse “Signs” In circulation, while dozens of deputies, mostly rebels, were summoned to ask for banners to be raised “64 years old no” by singing Marseillaise on the launch day of 49.3 at The Retreats.

sequel after announcement

Yaël Braun-Pivet also emphasizes A prescription prohibiting phone calls on a bicycle or hire Any means of communication with the outsideIn reference to “He lives” LFI deputy Ugo Bernalicis on the social network Twitch or on the loudspeakers worn by MPs from various parties, including LR Aurélien Pradié, to a France 2 report.

Communication task to the assembly

Thus the podium holder entrusted a mission to Vice-President Naima Mucho (of the Prospects Party, also responsible for the delegation to communications and the press) in order to ” evaluation “ on Photography permissions and rules for taking pictures and audio In the assembly, but also “Concerning the MPs’ Use of Various Communication Tools”.

Among the questions is how to maintain the closed-door use of joint committees, those bodies where representatives and senators meet to try to find compromise on a proposal or bill.

During the CMP, elected officials from the left-wing Nobis coalition claimed to announce the discussions on social networks, for the sake of greater transparency, infuriating the other camps.

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