Home Politics “The Human Rights League belongs to the Republican heritage”

“The Human Rights League belongs to the Republican heritage”

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Gerald Darmanin said on April 5, during a Senate hearing, about the League for Human Rights (LDH) criticizing the preservation of order during the rally against the Grand Basin in Saint-Sullen (deux-Sèvres) on March 25. What do you think of the statements of the Minister of Interior?

Emmanuel Nakie I immediately thought of one of the founding episodes of the League. immediately after its creation [en 1898]At the time of the Dreyfus case, he was being sued by the President of the Council at the time, Charles Dupuy. Searches are underway, which will yield almost nothing since the League, defended by its first president, lawyer Ludovic Trariot, former Minister of Justice, mediator associated with public and individual liberties, is sentenced to only a ridiculous fine. He was accused of organizing meetings and demonstrations in defense of Captain Dreyfus, which, as it turned out, was outraged by the opposition between the Dreyfusards and the anti-Dreyfusards.

In Sainte-Soline, Chronicle of War Declared

The Minister of Interior’s threats sparked widespread condemnation. How do we explain the special situation of LDH?

Leon Bloom summed things up nicely when he declared in 1937, during one of his conferences, that the League was “One of the founding features of the Republic”. Bloom himself was a rider and Av

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