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The Elysee stated that a monument would be erected in Paris on the banks of the Seine

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On Friday, April 7, the Elysee announced a memorial gesture in memory of the victims of the Rwandan genocide. “symbolic and significant” He welcomed the survivors of the tragedy. A new memorial step taken by France, recognized by President Emmanuel Macron “responsibilities” In the genocide of 1994, this decision was announced to commemorate the 29th anniversary of the tragedy.

The memorial will be erected on the left bank not far from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and on exactly the other side, on the opposite bank, the memorial in memory of the victims of the Armenian Genocide. that it “a national, clear and lasting tribute to the memory of the victims”said the Elysee, which will launch a call for bids with the city of Paris at the end of May.

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“We are happy, it is very important. Paris is a city that speaks to the world, and this is evidence that France, which has made great progress in recognizing the genocide of the Tutsis in Rwanda, is recognizing its history.”Marcel Cabanda, president of the French Época survivors’ association, told AFP.

“It is a gesture to soothe the memories between France and Rwanda and appease the hearts of the genocide survivors”he added.

‘Responsibility for genocide’

More than 800,000 people according to the United Nations, mostly from the Tutsi minority, were murdered in abhorrent circumstances between April and July 1994, a genocide orchestrated by the power of the Hutu majority.

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France, which had close ties to the Rwandan regime, has long been accused “collusion” by Kigali. The commission of historians set up by President Macron in 2021 concluded this ‘Enormous and formidable responsibilities’ From France, excluding collusion. This report allowed an unprecedented rapprochement between Paris and Kigali after decades of tension.

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The decision to erect a memorial makes it possible “Recognition of the extreme importance of the 1994 disaster”, estimated by AFP Vincent Duclert, Chairman of the Historians’ Committee. pointed out ‘Highly symbolic site’ next to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, “one of the highest positions of power, whose responsibility for genocide is now known”.

Already in Paris there is a garden of memory in the Choisy park, south of the capital, and a stele in the Père Lachaise cemetery (northeast).

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