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The beginning of tensions between Bourne and Macron?

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Is the dispute raging in the head of the executive branch? Elizabeth Bourne’s plea not to do so “to speed things up” With the unions thrown by confusion on Friday 7 April over her relationship with Emmanuel Macron, even if she quickly insists that it is perfect. “correctness” with the head of state.

The Republic is inundated: How can Macron rule now?

“We discuss regularly with the President of the Republic and I think we share the same analysis: there is a need for calm in the country.”said the head of government at the end of the morning during a trip to Rhodes (Averon). “We totally agree with that.”However, she still wants to defuse it, specifying the engagement ‘same goals’ with the head of state.

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Fake controversy? However, the tandem appears to be going through a turbulent period. “No chancellor, either at Matignon or at the Elysee, is able to say whether the president and the prime minister have spoken to each other in the last hours,” So tell Franceinfo.

‘Macron must take a step’

This turmoil at the top could throw the presidential majority into turmoil. ” no comment “Refers to “Obs”, laconic, leader of the Renaissance deputies, Aurore Bergé. Already divided over using 49.3 to pass pension reform, the elected Ennahda could once again be split between supporters of the presidential line and supporters of Matignon.

Vincent Martini: “The main failure of the great movement? A failure to create confidence.”

“Elizabeth Bourne has the right to quarrel with Emmanuel Macron”, Deputy Judge Patrick Vignall with “UPS”. For Herault’s elected Renaissance, the only confrontation that exists is that of Laurent Berger’s President. In this context, the prime minister is “in his turn” when searching for a solution “come on top”. “She does the job.”he insists.

But the deputy knows to get out of the workout: Macron must take a step. » Under penalty of going through a complex five-year period, without any discussion with the opposition and unions. I spoke with the boss, he wants to get out of the crisis. wants her to workMukhtar says.

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Words contradict the words of the president

Elizabeth Bourne’s clarification has been made necessary by the media turmoil sparked by some of her statements that were distilled Thursday to several media outlets. The prime minister seemed to mark her disagreement with Emmanuel Macron by calling for respect “Convalescing” In the country after the pension crisis.

After Pensions, the Minimum Value Sharing Act?

With the “world”, “point” and RTL, the head of the government also demanded “don’t rush things”. “You have to let her rest. The country needs peace.”She said after her meeting on Wednesday with the unions which ended with a statement of differences. Believing that it is not necessary “Not because the unions get humiliated out of this sequence”I called Respect the recovery period..

This conciliatory tone was immediately welcomed by the Secretary General of the Federation, Laurent Berger, because it contradicts the statements made by the President of the Republic on Wednesday on the sidelines of a visit to China. The latter, through his entourage, denied anything “Democratic crisis in France” She emphasized that she had a clear mandate for pension reform.

“We see that there are tensions within the executive branch.”

“This morning’s letter is more respectable than the one that came to us from China.”On Friday morning, on BFMTV and RMC, he received the head of France’s first trade union, which had particularly tense relations with Emmanuel Macron. On the other hand, there is “I never had a respect problem.” With the prime minister, he added.

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Laurent Berger: “At some point Emmanuel Macron will have to meet the unions”

“We see that there are tensions within the executive branch.”For his part, Simon Dotel, co-delegate of Solidaires, on BFMTV. Elizabeth Bourne “We talk about convalescence, but we are not sick […]. We don’t need to rest, we’re not pancake batter.”he insisted.

Faced with the noise of a possible feud, Ennahda’s general secretary, Stéphane Sigourney, set the record straight. “There is a temptation to stir up the Elysee against Matignon, to put angles between the executive authority. I am in contact with both, and I see no problem with the line and goals between the Prime Minister and the President of the Republic.confirmed to Franceinfo.

“I’m not here just to run the country.”

Elizabeth Bourne also seemed to step aside by asking for a return “head”. “Before looking for allies to vote on texts, it is important to say where we want to go”I argued. We must restore the meaning and the same verb. I’m not just there to run the country. »

Unusually, from China, the entourage of the President of the Republic reacted quickly to the Prime Minister’s remarks, just before the Head of State’s meeting with Chinese students in Canton.

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The President of the Republic coordinates with the Prime Minister. The course was given by the President of the Republic during his interview at 1pm on France 2 and TF1. He called on the prime minister to receive the unions and work on a road map for the coming months.”the delegation strongly stated.

While appearing on television, the President confirmed the presence of the Prime Minister in office, and ordered her to do so “continue to expand his government”. Will Elizabeth Bourne have time? If she survives – by nine votes – a motion of no confidence from the parliamentary opposition, her ouster may eventually come from her camp.

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