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“Taiwan area powder keg”

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Chinese President Xi Jinping continues to stress that he will “never give up the use of force” towards Taiwan. Is your country sufficiently prepared?

Ku Eugene First, Taiwan’s geography makes it almost invulnerable. The island is 70% mountainous, and 200 of our mountains exceed 3,000 meters – a contrast to the vast plains of Ukraine. It is also separated from the mainland by a vast strait, 180 kilometers long.

Every soldier knows that landings are among the most difficult operations to undertake. This will be particularly difficult, as our coasts are so hard to reach. The eastern side, an enormous barrier of rock that drops steeply into the Pacific Ocean, has no coastal plain for amphibious ships to anchor. To the west, facing the Chinese coast, the terrain is less steep, but the water is shallow, 60 or 100 meters on average.

With shallow waters barely 10 meters below the surface, the strait is too dangerous to allow passage for a large fleet. The Pescadores archipelago, located 50 kilometers from the main island, is one of the places in the world with the largest number of shipwrecks …

China/US: The Battle of Taiwan

Can’t we target the northern plains around the capital, Taipei? Or the south coast, which includes many ports?

theoretically. But northern Taiwan is bordered by the East China Sea. Now this water is under cooperation

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