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He denounced the exclusion of two African-American elected officials in Tennessee as racist

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The exclusion of the ten-year-olds of Tennessee, after avoir manifested at the local parlement to re-clamer an encadrement more strictly than the arms of Feu, was declared on April 7 as racist and a ravivé of some of the plaies in the anciennes of Season.

“Why It’s So Hard for Whites to Talk About Racism” by Robin DiAngelo

This extremely rare measure, applied by the House of Representatives in this southern state to two African-American Democrats but not to a third white elected official, has been criticized as far as Washington, where President Joe Biden has judged it. “shocking” And “undemocratic”.

sequel after announcement

On Friday, the Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris, will travel to the southern state of the United States, where she will meet. “Local elected officials, youth, and activists (…) who have demanded that their elected officials take meaningful action against armed violence.”According to a White House official. She will also reiterate a call for Congress to ban assault rifles.

Accusations of racism also multiplied. “Silencing two Black elected officials for peacefully protesting gun violence is not only racist, it is also a radical departure from the democratic norms and traditions on which our nation was founded.”to tweeted Democrat-elect Yvette Clark.

“It feels like you’re in the middle of a Jim Crow experiment.”

On March 30, days after the Christian school shooting in Nashville, Justin Jones, Justin Pearson and Gloria Johnson joined hundreds of protesters in Parliament precincts to demand tougher gun control. Protesters entered the Tennessee State Capitol to challenge the elected officials gathered in session.

Aloe Black: “Of course I was already a victim of violent racism!”

The two elected officials notably used a megaphone to call on demonstrators to chant slogans such as “Power to the people” And “There is no peace without work”, according to several media outlets. Their fellow Republicans imposed sanctions on them on Thursday.

sequel after announcement

Yesterday, we had the impression that we were in the middle of a Jim Crow-era experiment.Jesse Chase, vice chair of the Tennessee House of Representatives’ Black House Caucus, told a news conference Friday, referring to racial segregation laws in effect for some until the mid-20th century.

‘A dangerous precedent for the nation’

Politician Gloria Johnson, who narrowly escaped expulsion, said her motives were clear. “I’m a 60-year-old white woman, and they’re two black guys.”She said.

America is forever racist?

Justin Jones and Justin Pearson made impassioned pleas against their disqualification, earning them praise on social media, where a picture of them raising fists went viral.

that it ‘A dangerous precedent for the nation’This is what Justin Jones told MSNBC. “If you hadn’t told me this was happening to me, I would have thought it was 1963, not 2023. Because what we’re seeing is a very large majority of whites working to dismantle democracy.”He added that the Ministry of Justice needed to review the terms of the exclusion.

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