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Green MPs pass measures to victims of cracked homes

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Green MPs Thursday, April 6 failed to get “food reward” Or ban private jets, but they signed a victory by voting on support measures for cracked homeowners on global warming.

Rep. Julian Bayou lifted a review of the ban on private flights “Bring the rich back down to earth” And having them contribute to the ecological transition, he was interrupted before its end, the day allotted for environmentalists in the National Assembly to end at midnight.

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But the text was on the way to a clear rejection. And the same fate promised to ban hunting on Sundays or open access to the RSA from the age of 18, also on this list. “parliamentary standing”, but it has not been discussed due to lack of time. Environmentalists came out of it all the same way “great victory”after the adoption of the text in the first reading (115 votes against 9) of the text carried by Representative Sandrine Russo.

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The nightmare of the victims

The bill, which must now be examined by the Senate, amends the criteria for recognizing a state of natural disaster. The aim is to increase the number of municipalities affected by the phenomenon of shrinkage and swelling of clay soil, causing costly damage to homes.

to “Rebalancing the relationship between the insured and the insured”The text establishes a “assumption” that this phenomenon is “determine the cause” Damage, when a drought-related natural disaster situation is recognized.

Drought and heat wave… How do we know that climate change is responsible?

“I am very happy for those who broke into homes, as this will change their administrative path and compensation.”, in response to AFP Sandrine Rousseau, moved after the vote. On a bicycle, I described ” nightmare “ of the victims stressed that “10.5 million homes” They were in France in an area exposed to these risks.

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The deputies of the presidential majority, most of whom abstained from voting, and the government considered that some measures do not fall within the scope of the legislation. others go Extension of compensation periods. And Increasing insurance premiums at the expense of the insuredwarned the Minister Responsible for Small and Medium Enterprises, Olivia Gregoire.

Refusing a “food reward”

Prior to this success, environmentalists once thought they were limiting the damage to their first bill of the day “eat better”though expressly rejecting its principal measure, A.J “food reward” 50 euros per month per person in case of high risk.

The government had obtained that the ball was returned to him to support the experiments “examinations” Food, a slow-fulfilling presidential promise. But the amendments from the left, which were adopted against the advice of the executive, were then incorporated into the price prohibition measures in the text.

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Environmentalists praised A “Victoire”before being disappointed by the final rejection of the entire text, by 138 votes to 121. The presidential camp has already overcome the withdrawal of its forces to oppose these measures, which were criticized by Ennahda deputy Guillaume Kasparian “Marxist inspiration”.

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The rejected bill also contained a ban from 2024 on nitrate additives in charcuterie, or at least in cooked pork, “Particularly popular with children”. “Nitrite kills the French and kills the poorest”On the bike, Deputy Secretary of the Interior Richard Ramos, who endorsed the measure, was fired on the bike.

The leader of the Environmental Deputies, Cyril Chatelain, lamented the opposition of the presidential camp, and in particular of Ennahda deputies, to almost all of the proposals put forward by her group on Thursday. “There is no new way from the government, it continues its absolute rejection of everything that does not come from it”I got upset.

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