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Bourne receives unions and pledges to “listen to all issues” despite “differences”

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Finally, around a table! On the morning of Wednesday 5 April, Prime Minister Elisabeth Bourne received in Matignon all the trade union federations that had been demonstrating for several weeks against pension reform. And the prime minister promised on Monday that it would be so “Listen to all topics” Which unions will want to address, though “disputed points”.

“I will listen to all the issues that the trade unions want to address and I hope we will take the time to talk about all of these issues”The Prime Minister stated during a press briefing on the sidelines of the presentation of the first 150 winners of the Green Fund.

sequel after announcement

Is Elizabeth Bourne still standing? Behind the scenes of his freaky week“We have a lot of topics to discuss together, including those highlighted during the pension reform, around quality of life at work, at the end of careers, and the prevention of hardship.”

‘We have points of contention’

althoug ‘We have points of contention’It conceded, with reference to an increase in the retirement age, from 62 to 64, which is disputed by all unions.

“But what I have indicated, and I had many exchanges this weekend, is that most of the political forces in our country share my desire to please the country and give very concrete answers to the French on health, education and environmental transformation. Therefore, I have no doubt that we will be able to build a schedule works together to provide answers for the French”she added.

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Many consulting

asked Sophie Binet, the new CGT boss, on Monday on France Inter “Pull fix” He warned that if the answer is no, then the date with Elizabeth Bourne “It might be too fast.”.

10 things to know about Sophie Binet, the new general secretary of the Confederation of Trade Unions

In addition to this meeting with the trade unions, since last week the Prime Minister has been engaged in talks with parliamentarians and her ministers, on the one hand, to determine which texts are likely to obtain a majority and, on the other hand, to present tangible results In many fields such as education, health or the environment.

These consultations aim to build a government program and a legislative programme, at the request of President Emmanuel Macron.

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