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Annuities: Station Booing Rowdies

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About 200 demonstrators booed Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne on Friday, 7 April, in front of Rodez (Averon) Hospital, to celebrate their opposition to pension reform.

“Elizabeth Bourne, once you’re there, Aveyron is polluted.”And Macron’s resignationThey sang in the chorus of protesters gathered at the call of the Inner Union, when Elizabeth Bourne arrived at noon by car, surrounded by a dance of police cars.

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While the head of government moved to address health issues, David Gesto, general secretary of the departmental federation of the CGT in Aveyron, denounced “A communication coup from the prime minister so we can move forward.” such as pension reform.

“The anger is strong”

“We want to show that anger is strong, including in rural areas.” And against the government and reform, he told AFP.

“We don’t want to support her strategy: let her come when she wants, but in another context, we’re not six-week-old rabbits.”Jean-François Challez, a nurse at the Sainte-Marie psychiatric hospital in Rodez and representative of the UNSA federation added.

“I’ve worked for forty years and it’s a tough job. To ask us for another two years, to leave at 64, it’s not possible.”he added.

sequel after announcement

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“I would like her to come and listen to us, to see what is happening on the ground.”He also expressed his regrets to Marie Rose Antonio, a nurse at the San Geniez State Hospital Center and unionized in the CGT, which deplores “lack of doctors” in the hospital.

Terminal “gets along” with Macron

And behind the banner “All together to withdraw the pension reform” many CGT flags flew, but also some of the CFDT, Force Ouvrière, Unsa or Solidaires. A few “yellow vests” and high school students also joined the movement.

Joint unions: together, how far?

“Put down the clubs, you’re in Aveyron”Laughing, shouting, the protesters in the CRS cordon have been blocking them from the hospital parking lot since they arrived at 9:30 a.m.

During her visit to Aveyron, the Prime Minister insisted she was perfect “correctness” With the President of the Republic called for a “calm in the country” In the face of the pension crisis.

On Friday, April 14, the government and the unions are awaiting the decision of the Constitutional Council regarding the conformity of the reform, which will be preceded by a new day to mobilize the unions.

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