Home Politics The petition for the dissolution of Brav-M is “secret” by the National Assembly, despite its signature of 264,000 signatures

The petition for the dissolution of Brav-M is “secret” by the National Assembly, despite its signature of 264,000 signatures

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“The petition is closed.” : This is the ruling of the Rapporteur of the Law Commission, Sacha Houllier (Renaissance), on Wednesday, April 5. The aforementioned petition, which was launched on the National Assembly’s website on March 23, called for the dismantling of Brav-M police units, accused of violence during demonstrations against pension reform.

Comparing it to the Voltigor Brigades, which were disbanded in 1986 after student Malik Oskin was killed by a police beating during a demonstration, the petition urged the authorities to stop “massacre”.

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263,887 signatures were collected in just over a week. 500,000 signatures from at least 30 overseas departments or communities were required for a discussion in plenary to be organised. But since adding the red flag “rated by committee”, It is now impossible to sign this petition.

Who are the brave, “anti-breaker” police officers crystallizing criticism?

He was accused of numerous acts of violence

Brav-M police officers have recently been widely accused of violence against protesters at rallies against pension reform. They were particularly implicated in an audio recording during an arrest on March 20 in which we heard racist insults and slappings. In addition, many journalists have filed complaints about the violence committed against them. Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin, during a hearing on policing Wednesday morning in the National Assembly, called on deputies to dissolve the Brav-M Chamber of Deputies. day with ” they.

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Asked about the motorized unit in the police that concentrates so much criticism in Paris, rights advocate Claire Headon, for her part, estimated that he was going. “We really need to take care of the issue of management training.” of these officials.

“They grappled with us one by one for half an hour”: the story of a young man who was humiliated by the brave.

“What more do you need?” »

“The word massacre has meaning”advances Eric Poliat, the Renaissance rapporteur, who advocated “classification”. “It is indisputable that mobile units are a useful complement to traditional brigades, whose movements are slower.”he added. “The wrong actions of some agents require firm responses”The deputy continued, however “The erroneous behavior of some agents cannot call into question the usefulness of Brav-M”.

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“We are not required to verify the merits of the petition.”Rebel Ugo Bernalesis responded. “When you have 260,000 citizens signing up, what more do you need?”.

The violence perpetrated by some of his clients shocked many people, starting with police officers.environmental scientist Sandra Rigoll.

Wednesday evening gathering

Following the decision of the legal committee, some La France Insoumise deputies called for a rally in front of the Hôtel de Ville in Paris. “For the Brav-M solution”on Wednesday evenings at 7 p.m.

“This was the first time hundreds of thousands of people had signed a petition on the National Assembly’s website.”Rebel Representative Clemens Gate wrote on Twitter. before adding They are afraid of people: we will not let them. »

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