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The invasion of Taiwan, America’s worst nightmare

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We are in the year 2026 in Beijing. Chinese President Xi Jinping ordered his army to invade Taiwan. According to plans drawn up long ago, the Air Force of the People’s Republic must first destroy the planes and airfields on the rebellious island.

Then there will be an amphibious landing of hundreds of thousands of men – as happened on the beaches of Normandy in 1944. In Washington, the head of the White House holds a council of war. How does he answer?

This is scenario A maneuvers, a conflict simulation, titled “The First Battle of the Coming War”, involved senior US military and political officials a few months ago. It was organized over several days by CSIS (Center for Strategic and International Studies), a respected think tank, in Washington. The results were published in January, and made headlines across the Atlantic. As if this war game will inevitably become a reality.

Why does such a prospect worry Americans so much? Why is a possible invasion of Taiwan, an island no larger than France and 40 times less populous than its powerful neighbor China, US leaders’ worst nightmare? There are at least five reasons.

1. Strategic location

Taiwan has been an ally of Washington since the 1950s, and it occupies an important geographical position. It is located less than 200 km from the coast of Ch

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