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Parliament (finally) votes on a “moderate rate” that will serve all students

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Allow all students, wherever they are in the province, to take advantage of the offer of moderately priced catering: Parliament ratified this device on Wednesday, April 5, by the final vote of the Senate.

The text of Senator Pierre-Antoine Levy (Centrist Union), which was adopted by the Senate in the first reading almost two years ago, has been amended by deputies.

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“I had to go back to live with my parents”: students in an unprecedented financial situation

“there are flaws”, its author, who nevertheless wanted the text to be adopted without further modification, agreed with the aim of being applicable from the beginning of the next academic year. The vote was obtained by 267 votes in favour, with 77 abstentions.

Questions about the application of this law

“suitable” Upon its adoption, Higher Education Minister Sylvie Retailleau indicated that the bill “Raises questions about its implementation”. “My services are currently being fully mobilized to put them into operation (…) and to put them into operation as soon as possible, and if possible at the beginning of the school year”she added.

The text states that “In each region, students can take advantage of the offer of catering at moderate prices near their place of study”. This offering may be offered in classic university restaurants, operated by Crous (Regional Center for University and School Business), or in the absence of a university restaurant, through premises, public or private, approved by this same network.

“It’s not normal that I can’t live.”

in “white areas” Far from any moderately priced catering offer, students will be able to take advantage of it “financial assistance”. This is so that they can “to pay for a meal consumed or purchased in whole or in part” with a contracting body in its territory. This last point was made by the National Assembly, rather than Pierre-Antoine Lévy’s initial idea of ​​creating a Student meal ticket.

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Responding to Student Risks

If the current price of a meal at Crous for non-scholarship holders is €3.30, the exact terms of the system must still be determined by decree. The senator said its cost is estimated at 250 million euros.

For her rapporteur Jean Hengray (center), text “simply responds to the students’ risk and also to the principle of universality”.

“Blackout still surrounds the device”he regretted the socialism of Sabine van Haeg out of fear “incompetence”because of its complexity. Pierre Auzulias (CRCE with a communist majority) insisted that Crous Network should be given “Budget means meeting this new service”.

‘Crous teams are here for you’: Minister Sylvie Rettaio answers Maëlle’s plea, a student in a precarious situation

The Crous network has about 800 points of sale on 700 locations. But the regional network does not cover certain places of study in medium-sized cities or in rural areas (relocated branches of universities, small schools, etc.).

At the beginning of February, the council rejected by a single vote a text from the Socialist deputies offering to have food meals for one euro for all students, a price reserved today for scholarship holders and precarious workers.

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