Home Politics “If Macron thinks he’s infallible, it’s a little Science-Beau’s fault”

“If Macron thinks he’s infallible, it’s a little Science-Beau’s fault”

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The passage of the law did not invalidate the protest against reforming the pension system, which gathered demonstrators for more than three months than it was in 1995 or 2010. Why?

Vincent Tyberg. This wave of protests across the country reveals how our practice of citizenship is changing. He doubts as never before the legitimacy of the head of state to rule as he does. To be a citizen today is no longer just to be a voter that depends on its elected representatives, we have a growing demand for horizontality, for the possibility of expressing ourselves outside the polls, especially when power is weak. Emmanuel Macron wanted to “override” the 2022 presidential election, with a quick campaign that would produce the “blowout” effect that was instantly blowing everything away. But that is not what happened. The press conference in which he presented his program was not very clear. His ministers and supporters were called to the rescue to explain this on the sets, but the electorate had to decide in the face of a figure with vague and undefined positions. Even more so than in 2017, polling was ambiguous: Was it a question of voting for Emmanuel Macron or against Marine Le Pen? The ambiguity is growing because the legislation has not played the expected confirmation effect. This, despite our two-round majority vote, which is increasingly at odds with today’s three-round formation, hence the vote.

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