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Darmanin threatens to review grants to the Human Rights League, protesting on the left

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after swipe Threats from the far left Last week, Gerald Darmanin challenged the League for Human Rights (LDH) on Wednesday, April 5, during a Senate hearing. A statement that was immediately criticized by the union and the left-wing opposition.

Philippe, Darmanin, Le Mer: Will the War of the Three Break Out?

He was asked by Senator LR François Bonhomme, who called “Stop funding associations that seriously challenge the state”The Minister of the Interior said so Support from the state “Worth looking at it in the context of the actions that were carried out”.

sequel after announcement

The association, founded in 1898, has notably deployed citizen observers in recent weeks during demonstrations to document, among other things, the system of maintaining order. Maintaining order was defended tooth and nail by Gerald Darmanin, who again denounced it “extreme violence against the police”.

This time you’re crossing the Rubicon.

Following his remarks, the minister was subjected to a barrage of criticism. Mr. Darmanin, the “actions carried out by the League for Human Rights over 120 years ago are a defense of the rights and freedoms of all, and you have no offense.”The association responded in a tweet.

“If it’s about silencing us, Gerald Darmanin won’t work.”added Patrick Beaudoin, president of the Human Rights League, who said “Surprised”in a press interview, Thursday, April 6, in the newspaper “Liberation”.

Who are Les Uprisings of the Earth, the movement Darmanin wants to disband?

The left opposition, from the Communists to representatives of the EELV, soon flew to the organization’s aid. “This time, you cross the Rubicon and leave the Republicans’ space forever. What separates you from Marine Le Pen is a matter of degree and more of a natural thing.”In particular Environmentalist reprimanded Aurélien Taché. Senator from the same party, Melanie Vogel, pointed out that “This is exactly how it started in Hungary”. “This is how we bend all the checks and balances in authoritarian regimes”PS Chief added Olivier Faure on Twitter.

sequel after announcement

“Paris Match”

The Minister of the Interior was invited to explain himself to the deputies, and then to the senators in the Legal Committee on the use of force by the police and gendarmerie during demonstrations against pension reform or in Saint-Sullen (Two Sevres).

Who are the brave, “anti-breaker” police officers crystallizing criticism?

that it The performance of “Paris Match”, the weight of the words, the shock of the imagesGreen MP Benjamin Lucas sarcastically criticized it “A cute Mackenzie-style PowerPoint presentation”the consulting firm at the center of several investigations related to the presidential campaigns of Emmanuel Macron.

The fiercest charge came from the rebellious Thomas Portes, who Gerald Darmanin described as “stick minister”. “Will it take a new Oskinian owner for you to finally come to your senses?”He asked, referring to this young man who died under the blows of the “Voltigor”, these police officers on motorcycles in 1986.

It is not surprising that Gerald Darmanin once again gave his support to the police, despite the criticism of the human rights defender, the Council of Europe or the UN Special Rapporteur on environmental defenders.

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