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China/US: The Battle of Taiwan

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In a small building in central Taipei, there are about thirty of them, sitting in a circle on the floor, following the explanations of the firefighter instructors, before practicing in turn applying a tourniquet to a comrade’s arm—a vital gesture in the event of a bled. Vanessa, 28, an accountant in an advertising company, came up with her colleagues: I learned how to bandage, massage the heart, and move the wounded. I’m going back to learn how to put out a fire caused by a shell. We are used to earthquakes here. But the Chinese threat is like a brutal earthquake, you have to prepare for it. »

Enoch Wu, a former member of parliament and former special forces, of the NGO Forward Alliance that provides the training explains: “We present war as one danger among others, so that our citizens can take responsibility for themselves and not affect institutions in the event of an attack on Taiwan.” For each session, the queue includes thousands of registrants…

There are also those facing increasingly credible threats from the Chinese who are determined to fight back. Here, the possession of firearms is strictly regulated. If you want to practice how to deal with it then you should resort to airsoft paddles which use imitation weapons and rubber bullets. Until the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the activity was recreational. became practical combat training”Richard Lemon, Sc., explains:

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