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Between Laurent Berger and Emmanuel Macron, 24 hours of distance duel

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Between Emmanuel Macron and Laurent Berger, the passing of arms has intensified in the past twenty-four hours, especially after the failure of the meeting between the joint unions and Elizabeth Bourne. “L’Obs” rewinds the thread of acrimonious exchanges.

Berger replies to Macron: “It is a lie to say that the CFDT has no pension proposals”

On Wednesday, CFDT Chairman Laurent Berger was greeted with other union officials by Elisabeth Born, CFDT’s number one figure and estimated that the country was crossing ‘A serious democratic crisis’.

sequel after announcement

This departure from Beijing was quickly criticized by the head of state, as reported by our colleagues from the “world”. “For an elected president, by an elected majority, an admitted relative, to pursue a democratically executed project, which is not called a democratic crisis.”Judged. “If people want to retire at the age of 60, I am not the one who should be elected president of the republic”thought aside.

We cannot talk about a democratic crisis when the project is supported, explained and assumed. We didn’t hide behind his little finger. There was a democratic process. What is the implementation rate of fifteen days? Historically at a very low level. From national education to energy to transportation… Don’t explain to me that the country is at a standstill. this is not true ! Those who consider that their entry is in their own hands, is legitimate, and this is the democratic threat. »

“I say stop the provocation.”

Rebels this Thursday, the eleventh day of mobilization against pension reform. CFDT General Secretary Laurent Berger confirmed to RTL that there is no “person attack” when he says “There is a democratic crisis”.

“He was mistaken for an attack. We’re crazy. At some point, there’s a very strong social expression.” […] On the contrary, there is disagreement. We can clearly see that this unfortunately benefits the far right. It’s not me saying that, it’s all polls. So I say we have a democratic problem. It’s a note, I’m not the only one who does this. »

“I say: stop the provocationcontinued Number One of the CFDT addressing the President of the Republic. We’re not in a loop. I’m not the problem. »

To respond to it, the Bourne government ministers were at the meeting on Thursday morning. At France Inter, Olivier Ferran confirmed this “The democratic crisis is not like that, and the democratic crisis if extremists come to power”. We took the path of justice.defended the government spokesperson, who nonetheless admits this “49.3 as a result of the text is not the solution preferred by the French” Despite this provision “constitutional”.

sequel after announcement

Laurent Berger, Investigating the Main Man of the Packers

What crisis? There is a social crisis, and there is no democratic crisis.BFMTV swept Oliver Dussopp. Emmanuel Macron “Respect the legitimacy of trade unions”reassured the Minister of Labor. When we disagree, we are not at war. I do not enter into the logic of tension or conflict. » Olivier Dusupet denied government responsibility for the blockages: “Nobody is blind. Who blocked the debate? It’s Nupes with 20,000 edits.”

Before the start of the Parisian rally, Laurent gave Berger a layer. The head of state accused him of not proposing it.” There are no other plans – neither the acceleration nor the increase in the contribution period.CFDT Chairman replied: “It is a lie to say that CFDT has no pension proposals. But I don’t want to get into a game that consists of making the period a personal battle!”

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