Home Politics “An abbreviated magazine for all sexual stereotypes”, criticizes Minister Isabel Roma

“An abbreviated magazine for all sexual stereotypes”, criticizes Minister Isabel Roma

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When you are a minister, you must have a sense of responsibility.Slice of Isabel of Rome. For Gender Equality Minister Marlene Schiappa on the cover of Playboy, it didn’t pass. “Why did you choose Playboy to advance women’s rights when this magazine is a compendium of all the sexist stereotypes? We are right in the woman’s object culture.”asks Isabelle Roma in an interview with the daily newspaper “Le Figaro”.

Feminist, Marilyn Schiappa in “Playboy”? Gloria Steinem probably wouldn’t agree

Former Secretary of State for Gender Equality (2017-2020), Marlene Schiappa, current Secretary of State for Social and Solidarity Economy, gives an interview about women’s rights for Thursday’s issue of Playboy, posing, in a long white dress for a glamorous magazine.

sequel after announcement

paradoxical approach

On Saturday, Marilyn Schiappa tweeted ” Defending the right of women to dispose of their bodies.” “In France, women are free. With all due respect to the apostates and hypocrites.”FM wrote.

A point of view not shared by Isabel Roma. The minister denounces what seems to her paradoxical: “In my eyes, defending women’s rights in Playboy would be like fighting anti-Semitism by giving an interview to Rivarol”a far-right weekly.

Isabel Roma: “I reject the political exploitation of sexual violence and sexual violence, which is very dangerous”

The prime minister is too. That was not the case, Elizabeth Bourne told him during a telephone interview on Saturday “It’s not appropriate at all, especially in the current period.”It was then learned by Agence France-Presse of the delegation accompanying the prime minister.

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