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Why the world of tomorrow is shaping up in Taiwan

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Inevitably, from the perspective of Europe, you have to force yourself a little to think that our common future is played out on an island in the China Sea, of an area scarcely larger than Hauts-de-France, cut by steep mountains and eaten by lush vegetation. Tomorrow’s world is taking shape, however, in Taiwan, not just a virtual battleground for the grand secular confrontation between the American and Chinese superpowers, as the fascinating cover story of Lubes tells us this week.

China/US: The Battle of Taiwan

It is impossible for Beijing to continue to accept the existence of this region that challenges its authority since 1949, when General Chiang Kai-shek retreated here even after his defeat against the Communists led by Mao; What’s more, the former Formosa – “beautiful island” in Portuguese – has become, less than 200 kilometers from the Chinese coast, a democratic counter-model in the face of the authoritarian tendencies of the “new emperor” Xi Jinping.

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It is impossible for Washington, on the other hand, to agree to lose control of an outpost so close to land from its new rival— “unsinkable aircraft carrier”, in military jargon; Moreover, it is in Taiwan that almost all the most powerful semiconductors are produced, and these electronic components are essential for all our technologies. Xi Jinping made no secret of his intention “use of force” to “Reunion” Joe Biden has assured China that he will not allow this to happen, and in the Pentagon as well as at CIA headquarters, having already predicted Putin’s combat goals well in advance of the hour, the question we ask ourselves should we know more. So but when will Beijing attack Taiwan: 2024, 2025, 2027?

The conflict in Ukraine had at least the merit of marking our entry into the “age of war.” “The Battle of Taiwan” can complete this great return of tragedy to our daily lives. Gone are the days when the unparalleled superpower of the United States made people believe in privilege Pax Americana Millennium. Gone are the days when the intertwining of the American and Chinese economies breathed hope for a planetary and peaceful co-incubation – “You sell us your T-shirts, you buy our T-Bonds, these long-term government bonds, and everyone’s happy.”And Some think in Washington. No, it’s time to separate, block against block.

As Emmanuel Macron visits China for the first time since 2019, from April 5-8, Xi Jinping’s ambition is no longer just economic and commercial, but political and civilized: no longer a matter of accepting the supremacy of Western democracy, no more a matter of capitulation. As for the so-called values ​​of the West, authoritarian regimes, in his view, are completely correct and Beijing is positioning itself as an alternative path. Evidence of its self-confidence, China hides less and less, after a year of obscurity and circumvention, its support for Moscow in what it calls “Ukrainian crisis” – There is no question of talking about war… – And he pushes his plan for peace.

This new world has a natural consequence of the collapse of the self, the emergence of protectionism or the frequent funeral speeches in memory of liberal globalization. It also has a significant impact on defense budgets almost everywhere on the planet. Like the Europeans with Russia, China’s neighboring countries (Japan, Indonesia, etc.) have no other solution but to choose the United States and increase military spending to deal with Beijing, which aspires to soon be at the head of the first army in the world. In an environment already deeply destabilized by the war in Ukraine, our path runs through a lofty line: remaining resolute in defending democracy while avoiding deadly escalation toward war. All of this is also at stake in Taiwan. Our world tomorrow.

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