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The meeting between Bourne and the union “fails”, the Prime Minister refuses to withdraw the reform

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The word got out: “fail.” On the morning of Wednesday 5 April, Prime Minister Elisabeth Bourne received in Matignon all the trade unions that had been demonstrating for several weeks against pension reform. The center indicated that after the meeting, which lasted an hour ” to fail “ On the degrees of Matignon. We will not go back to the consultation table as if nothing had happened.reassured CFTC Chairman Cyril Chabani, on behalf of the intersyndicale.

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Around noon, Elizabeth Bourne spoke to reporters and spoke of ” A respectful exchange where everyone was able to express themselves and listen to each other “, recognizing each breath.” age differences She also indicated her willingness as well as her government’s willingness to discuss this reform again with the unions.

sequel after announcement

Bourne keeps reforming

But intersyndicale, for its part, took notice” Loss “ From their meeting with Elizabeth Bourne, during which the Prime Minister refused, according to the unions, to withdraw the text.

We reiterated to the Prime Minister that there could be no other democratic outcome than to withdraw the text. The prime minister replied that she wanted to keep her text a serious decision.On behalf of the trade unions, Cyril Chabanier announced on the steps of the Matignon.

“extremist government”

“We must continue to mobilize until the government understands that there is no other way out than to withdraw from reform.”said Sophie Binet, the new UGTT president who denounced it ‘Extremist and separate government’.

We are going through a serious democratic crisis.According to Laurent Berger, Chairman of CFDT.

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