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Saint-Sollen, keep order… What Darmanin told the deputies

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Gerald Daminen gave a slide presentation on maintaining order during a hearing before the Law Committee of the National Assembly on Wednesday 5 April before answering questions from parliamentarians to defend the police accused of any share of violence, particularly during demonstrations against the government. Pension reform.

• Darmanin fiercely defends the police

Gerald Darmanin returned to the Brav-M battalion which was heavily criticized and accused of violence at the demonstrations. ” Brav-M is not a unit in itself. Anything resembling power, republicanism, is attacked by the far left. I invite everyone to go see Brav-M “The minister said, addressing the deputies directly who wish to dissolve the brigade.

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“They grappled with us one by one for half an hour”: the story of a young man who was humiliated by the brave.

Referring to a demonstration on Thursday 6 April, Gérald Darmanin noted their presence and invited parliamentarians wishing to disband it to meet them. ” Come on Brav-M, there’s a demonstration tomorrow, you’re welcome. »

The minister indicated that these people are trained to maintain order and that “The triumph of the preservation of order and the republican order, is the way we go so quickly, so quickly, even faster, than people who have decided to break into small groups all over Paris, shoot here, attack buildings there”.

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While the petition to disband Brav-M reached more than 264,000 signatures on Wednesday, the minister wanted to offer his support to the police: “ Despite the media hype, 7 out of 10 French people continue to support the police and gendarmerie. They are among the most popular professions for the French. »

The petitions will be considered this Wednesday at 2:30 pm by the Legal Committee of the National Assembly.

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• After Saint-Sollen, Minister of the Interior stresses the responsibility of the far left

Gerald Darmanin also spoke about the violence in Saint-Sollen. He does not accuse the regime of mismanagement, but denounces the responsibility of what he calls the “extreme left”. “About 200 people who were radicalized to the extreme leftist environment or the extremist environment pursued by the intelligence services were at the site,” he said. He said. Among the eight thousand demonstrators, the Ministry of the Interior agencies believe that a thousand dissidents from the French extreme left and Europe have come to seek this confrontation. »

Who are Les Uprisings of the Earth, the movement Darmanin wants to disband?

Gerald Darmanin also provided leaflets that could have been distributed before the demonstration in Saint-Sollen. ” You can clearly see that there was an organization.says and talks about Premeditation”.

Finally, the Minister of Interior returned to the relief department, which did not prevent it from interfering, according to him, and he drew the timeline of the relief path during this demonstration.

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