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Marlène Schiappa agreed to appear in ‘Playboy’ after ‘watching the doc on Pamela Anderson on Netflix’

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It was the interview that surprised as much as it disturbed Macron, in the midst of challenging pension reform. Marlene Schiappa, Secretary of State for Social and Solidarity Economy and Trade Union Life, gave an interview to the suspenseful Playboy magazine, due for publication on Thursday 6 April.

Feminist, Marilyn Schiappa in “Playboy”? Gloria Steinem probably wouldn’t agree

Many, both in the majority and in the opposition, questioned her reasons for admission. To find out, you have to read the beginning of the interview that Obs got. Playboy asks him from the start: “Why did you accept the invitation from Playboy, this divisive, satanic newspaper?” she answers:

sequel after announcement

“I watched Pamela Anderson’s doc on Netflix. She wanted to give her own point of view and recapture her journey in her own words. She explained how, for her, appearing in Playboy was a positive thing in her life and in her trajectory. She had experienced sexual violence and felt like her body no longer belonged to her. (…) She says that it was an act of liberation because she decided it herself without asking what such a man thought of her family or those around her.

Women always need to be liberated. She continues. I’m one of the people who thinks that women’s sexual freedom is a very important thing, no offense to other retreats, women should be able to do exactly what they want. If they want to dress like nuns and never meet men, that is their choice and they must be supported. If they feel naked in a magazine too. Even if as far as I’m concerned, I’ll get dressed! »

Classic interview

In fact, she was wearing different dresses. Above all, the rest of the interview is more classic. She talks about her intervention in the United Nations, domestic violence, her very left-wing father, her vision of feminism, the men she prefers to be made up, and her books of all kinds…

Marilyn Schiappa in all her aspects

In any case, even before reading the interview, the Prime Minister sharply informed him that she did not agree with the initiative. Elizabeth Bourne tells him she is not “It is not appropriate at all, especially in the current period,” According to comments reported by Agence France-Presse.

As Isabelle Roma, Delegate Minister for Equality between Women and Men, asked in “Le Figaro”: “Why did you choose Playboy to advance women’s rights when this magazine is a compendium of all the sexist stereotypes? We are right about the woman’s object culture.” But, as usual, Marilyn Schiappa continues to assume. Even if, on April 5, she cancels her visit to France 5’s “C à vous” show.

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