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Dozens of MPs have been punished for their behavior in the National Assembly

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The Office of the National Assembly, its highest authority, sent on Wednesday, the fifth of this April, A “request call” For dozens of deputies, most of them rebels, to punish the behavior “It harms the image of the institution.”During heated debates about pension reform.

The call to order, which is the weakest disciplinary punishment stipulated by the regulations, It will be done individually for the concerned deputies.Council Presidency said in a press release. A parliamentary source told AFP that about eighty deputies will be punished in this way.

sequel after announcement

They cited Jul and Robespierre…

This one in particular “MPs who waved banners or opposed reporters’ interference” March 16th “causing a disturbance”is specified in the press release.

’64 no’: LFI deputies punished

On that day, in a deafening uproar, the Nubian deputies unfurled the banners “64 years old no” In the bicycle, Marseillaise sings, disrupting Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne’s speech that came to launch 49.3.

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The system’s calls also target deputies who communicated via social networks during the closed discussions of the joint committee between deputies and senators, on March 15, on reform. Here again, these are Nubian deputies.

“Dear colleagues, we are not in a runway…”

Moreover, several deputies are summoned to order obtaining “breaks the rules of contact with the outside of the bicycle”, during a report broadcast on France 2, where they donned lavalier microphones. According to a parliamentary source, LR Aurélien Pradié MP and Socialist Arthur Delaporte are particularly concerned.

sequel after announcement

“Acts that degrade the image of the institution”

The bureau, in which representatives of various political groups take part, was decided by A.S “consensus, regardless of LFI”said one of the participants.

The highest body of the association “He would like to formally express his rejection of such actions that degrade the image of the institution and through which it affects the image of democracy.”indicated in the press release of the Presidency of the Republic.

And if Darmanin deems it time, Marcangeli’s fears, the renaissance deputies’ fears …

In addition to individual calls to order, all MEPs will receive a letter “Remember all the rules you aim to frame and direct” their behaviour.

The LFI group of deputies denounced the sanctions, which were described as “A new authoritarian action from a fortified political authority, unable to understand that the popular and parliamentary protest on the issue will not stop without withdrawing from reform.”.

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