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Darmanin defends the preservation of order in front of parliamentarians on Wednesday

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Gerald Darmanin will defend, on Wednesday, April 5, his management of the demonstrations, step by step, in front of deputies and senators, under criticism from critics in France and abroad accusing him of excessive use of force.

The images of violence that punctuated the latest demonstrations against pension reform and, even more so, the clashes between gendarmerie and opponents of water tanks on March 25 in Deux Sevres enlivened the debate over the preservation of the French pension system. to request.

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In Saint-Sullen, 47 gendarmes were injured, according to the authorities. Organizers reported 200 injuries among the demonstrators, including 40 seriously. One of them was still in a coma.

Who are Les Uprisings of the Earth, the movement Darmanin wants to disband?

If found exist “Ultraviolent Groups”UN Special Rapporteur on Environmental Defenders, Michel Forest, judged in Le Monde on the police response “grossly disproportionate”. The Council of Europe was alarmed by A.A Excessive use of force.

Left-wing associations, lawyers, judges and political figures have denounced the same excessive use of force in rallies against pension reform, in particular by the BRAV-M (Paris Motorized Police Unit), as well as “preventive arrests” and using intermediate weapons (LBD, grenade, etc.).

“I refuse to give in to intellectual terrorism”

In an attempt to defuse the criticism, the Minister of the Interior has doubled down on the same argument in the media in recent days. Police violence is not as systematic ” never “ he “It has a trembling hand for those who insult their uniforms.”In an interview with “Dinar”, pointing out that “111” The police and gendarmerie have been punished “Disproportionate use of force” in 2021.

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It also highlighted ” violence “ Some demonstrators pointed the finger at far left and rebellious France “I hate the police”.

What happened at Saint-Sollen shows that the executive has learned nothing from Sevens.

“When violence, thugs and the far left are involved, it is the duty of law enforcement to say stop.”He said to JD.

“I refuse to give in to the intellectual terror of the far left, which is the inversion of values: the thugs become the attackers and the police the aggressors.”.

Last Tuesday, he initiated procedures to resolve the movement “Earth Uprisings” (SLT), co-organizer of the Sainte-Soline demonstration, and on Sunday announced the creation of a cell “against zad”. “declaration of war” Minister, SLT criticized.

Sociologist Olivier Filiol, who specializes in maintaining order, told AFP that at the beginning of the movement against pension reform, LBD has been used as grenades to a lesser extent..

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“politicized” topic

“Since then, it has been reinforced (by resorting to Article) 49.3, but there has been no extensive use of shields and grenades.”Olivier Villol notes. “If the response is disproportionate, we create more disruption than we reduce it.”.

A senior national police officer argues to AFP that he is with ‘The massive presence of extremists’Police get involved More to reduce stress. in demonstrations. “At the beginning of the movement, there was no reason to get close.”.

As for the concept “calm down” – which appeared about ten years ago – Olivier Filiol assures that France is gone “always at a distance”.

Social Conflict: Getting Out of Gears

Paris police prefect Laurent Nunez, for his part, confirmed that his forces are doing so ‘De-escalate all the time’. We intervene when there are violations and withdraw.He said on BFMTV on Sunday.

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Maintaining order has always been a burning topic in France. No wonder, according to the sociologist, who “France is the country in Europe where (it is) the most politicised, i.e. used by politicians for political purposes”.

The verbal battles between Gerald Darmanin and LFI president Jean-Luc Mélenchon are a case in point. The first accuses the second of being a “fire madness” The second blames the first Desire for dramatization in order to establish (a) Nizam Party.

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