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The United Nations Human Rights Council condemns the deportations of Ukrainian children by Moscow

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On Tuesday, April 4, the United Nations Human Rights Council demanded that Russia allow international organizations to visit children and other civilians “Forcibly deported” In Ukraine to areas controlled by Moscow.

The resolution adopted on Tuesday asks Moscow Cease unlawful forcible transfer and deportation of civilians and other protected persons within Ukraine or to the Russian Federation […]in particular children, including those who have been placed in institutions, those who are unaccompanied and those who have been separated.”. The text was adopted by 28 votes in favour, with 17 abstentions and two against (China and Eritrea).

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According to Kiev, 16,221 children had been deported to Russia as of the end of February, numbers that the UN panel could not verify. This topic was at the center of the discussions that took place over more than five weeks of the Council session, as the Ukrainian mission and its allies made numerous statements on this topic.

“Immediate, sustainable and secure unhindered access”

The text of the resolution calls on Russia to grant representatives and staff of international humanitarian aid and human rights organizations Immediate, sustained, secure, and unhindered access, to provide reliable and complete information on the number and whereabouts of these civilians, and to ensure that they [ces personnes] They will be treated with dignity and return without danger.”.

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The resolution also called on Russia to grant access “Unhindered, immediate and permanent” to all prisoners of war and other persons “unlawfully detained”. The text voted on also extends for a year the mandate of the UN commission responsible for investigating human rights violations committed in Ukraine since the start of the Russian invasion on February 24, 2022.

On March 16, the commission concluded in a report published in Geneva that “The cases considered by me regarding the transfer and deportation of children, within Ukraine and into the Russian Federation respectively, violate international humanitarian law and constitute a war crime.”.

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The day after this report was published, the International Criminal Court (ICC), based in The Hague, announced that it had issued an arrest warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putin for a war crime. “illegal deportation” For Ukrainian children since the beginning of the Russian invasion.

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