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Samuel Paty’s family is “shocked” by the revelation that Marian Fund grants have been used

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Part of the family of Samuel Paty, the history and geography professor who was beheaded on October 16, 2020, by a radical Islamist, said on Tuesday, April 4. ‘particularly shocked’ Through recent discoveries about A Questionable use of earmarked subsidies to the Anti-Separatism Fund established after his assassination.

In a press release, she said that she is “I was particularly shocked by the recent revelations on France 2 about the questionable use of subsidies intended for the Marianne Fund, […] and the lack of control over the use of these subsidies.”.

sequel after announcement

“The name of Samuel Paty can in no way be an instrument of such actions.”and adds.

Death of Samuel Paty: “When a colleague told me a teacher had been killed at Conflans, I thought: ‘We’re there’

According to the press release, Virginie Le Roy, a lawyer part of the family, wrote to Marilyn Schiappa, Secretary of State for Social and Solidarity Economy and Collective Life, and to Sonia Pax, Secretary of State in charge of Citizenship, “to share with them his various questions”.

Fund of 2.5 million euros

Marlene Schiappa, then Delegate Minister for Citizenship, announced in April 2021 the launch of the Marian Fund for the Republic. 2.5 million euros target “Financing people and associations who will make speeches to promote the values ​​of the republic and fight against separatist rhetoric, especially on social networks and online platforms”.

A joint investigation by the weekly “Marianne” and “France 2” broadcast on March 29 described the opaque management of funds in this fund, with the list of beneficiaries kept confidential.

sequel after announcement

The Assassination of Samuel Paty: The Terrorist and the Motive for the Crime

According to the investigation, the federation whose main beneficiary would be, the Confederation of Associations of Physical Education and Military Preparedness (USEPPM), would have used this fund for a website and posts on social networks very little, but also and above all to pay the salaries of two of its former leaders.

This would contravene the articles of association of this association, according to its new management lawyer, Mr.H Cyril Fergon, contacted by AFP.

Seizing the General Administration Inspectorate

One of those two former leaders, Mohamed Sfaoui, communications director for the Shanghai Cooperation Organization’s Angers soccer club but also a journalist who was a political refugee in France after escaping four attacks in Algeria in the 1990s, announced on Twitter. Legal action against all of them. who tarnishes his reputation.

The State Secretariat for Citizenship Affairs told AFP on March 29 that it had asked the Department’s General Inspection to conduct an audit on the matter.

Samuel Paty wrote his memoirs about the color black. It has just been posted

At the request of AFP, the Paris Public Prosecutor’s Office indicated that a report under Article 40 of the Code of Criminal Procedure by Christian Gravel, head of the Ministerial Committee for the Prevention of Delinquency and Extremism (CIPDR), should be analyzed.

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