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Balkany returns to court, this time to release the sexual photomontage

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Patrick and Isabelle Balkany are back in court: the former mayor of Levallois-Perret and his wife are going to trial on Tuesday, April 4 in Nanterre for publishing photo montages of a sexual nature by a former municipal councilor, David-Xavier Weiss, who made it. He became the first deputy of the current municipality.

Patrick and Isabelle Balkany, 74 and 75, are on trial “Using a document relating to images of a sexual nature obtained by infringing another person’s privacy”.

sequel after announcement

‘Disgraceful misconduct’, ‘stubborn refusals’, ‘scandalous remarks’: when the Rouen Court of Appeal criticized Patrick Balkany’s position

They are suspected of broadcasting this photomontage, in February 2021, with the aim of harming David Xavier Weiss, the current first deputy mayor of Levallois and Agnès Pottier-Dumas, a former ally turned political opponent of the Balkans.

Disclosure of a document of a sexual nature

Since leaving the municipality of Levallois in 2020, Patrick Balkany has multiplied the criticism on social networks against his replacement and his team. During the investigation, the couple from the Balkan region explained that they had found the photos in a mailbox in an envelope and then sent them to several people and in particular to Agnès Pottier Dumas to warn her.

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A few days later, David-Xavier Weiss filed a complaint for the disclosure of a document of a sexual nature. We deny any crime and reserve our explanations for the court.May Robin Pinsard, who represents the Balkan pairs, told AFP with Romain Dieudonnay.

He was tried in two other cases in Nanterre

Patrick Balkany, who served as mayor of Levallois for thirty years (1983-1995 and 2001-2020) and as his deputy, is currently on trial in two other cases in Nanterre. previously accused of “Misappropriation of public property or funds by a person having public authority”is being prosecuted in another file because Misuse of company assets And “unlawful appropriation of interests”.

sequel after announcement

Last January, the Paris Court of Appeal reduced the sentences of Patrick and Isabelle Balkany for tax laundering and mixed the sentences for tax evasion in the first part of the case. They were therefore sentenced respectively to four and a half years and three and a half years in prison, plus a fine of €100,000 each and ten years of disqualification.

The Balkans, The Fallen Lords of Levallois-Perret

As part of his conviction for tax evasion, the former Hauts-de-Seine baron, who had already served five months in prison in 2019-2020, was re-imprisoned for six months, from February to August 2022. The beginning of March is in this part of the parole procedure. Her husband said in late February on CNews that she was suffering from pancreatic cancer.

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