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A week and a half”, Vancouver takes a gamble on decriminalizing hard drugs

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The man landed very quickly, curling up on his motorbike. It explodes when it reaches the crossroads. A crowd forms, attentive to his moans. overdose? broke down? After a while, the man gets up, double crosses the street, still groaning. He completely forgot his scooter. The crowd dissipates instantly. Regarding downtown east, nothing to report.

Vancouver Legal Drug Lab

You don’t walk the sidewalks of Vancouver without being impressed. This area of ​​the historic center, which stretches over 10 to 50 blocks, depending on definitions, is a staggering concentration of human misery. It also reveals the ills of a rich country and its stance on drugs, a problem that we would like to put in a double box before getting rid of the key. Although more than 85% of the 2,272 overdose deaths in British Columbia last year occurred outside the city’s eastern center, this is where much of the success or failure of decriminalization of hard drugs the Canadian province has seen lies. Since January 31st.

“I need him! I need him!”

Michael says, smoking his cigarette on a bench in Oppenheimer Park:

“I am 50 years old, I started using drugs at the age of 11. Record abstinence: one and a half weeks. »

He says drugs are no longer a problem for him, he stopped injecting thirteen years ago, in part thanks to methadone, and he has control of his

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