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Malka Lever, former headteacher, found guilty in Australia

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Malka Lever, a former religious studies teacher and principal of the Adass Israel School in Melbourne (southeast), was found guilty Monday (April 3) of 18 charges, including the rape of a student in her home and the sexual assault of her sister. During a school trip, fifteen years after she tried to escape arrest by fleeing to Israel. In May 2021, “l’Obs” recounted this exceptional legal case that has poisoned relations between Israel and Australia, in this article that we are republishing today.

In a video clip from her debut, she wears a white turban falling over her eyes, a printed button-up jacket to the neck, a long black skirt, pantyhose and dark sandals. Her pale, pale face is well known to all Australians who for six years have followed the astounding legal saga of the person whose head they claim.

Her thick figure, heavy gait, obstinate silence, hasty flight to Israel, her repeated attempts to pass herself off as mad, her apparent lack of remorse made her a monster. A monster masquerading as a charismatic and dedicated teacher, and a perverted stepmother worthy of children’s most outrageous tales, will face Australian justice on April 9, after years of an unprecedented legal battle to escape extradition.

74 counts of rape and sexual assault

Everything, in the case of Malka Leifer, is out of the ordinary. the

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