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Dissident PS Martin Froger wins the war for the left in ARIJ

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Maverick PS Martine Froger won on Sunday, April 2nd in Ariège, a warlike left section, with the outgoing LFI/Nubes paying the price.

Martine Froger, 61, with the support of the head of the Socialist Party of the Occitani region, Karol Delga, and the party’s second-in-command, Nicolas Meyer Rossignol, won with 11,758 votes (60.19% of the vote).

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Despite finishing first in the first round with 31.18% of the vote, outgoing Bénédicte Taurine, the 46-year-old LFI candidate officially supported by the Left Federation (LFI, EELV, PS and PCF) got just 7,776 (39.81% of the vote). votes). of votes) in a second round with limited participation (38%).

In the Socialist Party, Carol Delga traced her furrow away from the Nubians

Sunday, “The packing played exclusively in favor of Martin Froger”confirmed to AFP Jean-Michel Ducomte, lecturer at Sciences-Po Toulouse.

In a tweet, Nicolas Mayer Rossignol, who was present alongside the candidate in Foix, welcomed this victory, speaking directly to Jean-Luc Mélenchon, former LFI candidate in the presidential election.

Dear @jlmelenchon, you have to get used to it.He wrote, adding: “In Ariij as elsewhere, there are socialist women and men, proudly carrying their values, who want the left to win and will never be … submissive to you.”.

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An unfortunate political hoax »

On the same social network, Jean-Luc Mélenchon replied to him in the same tone: “That’s what ‘PS Dissidents’ are.” Sanctuary of Le Pen and Macron voted in the second round to beat the opposition to retire at 64. An unfortunate political trick “.

For Carole Delga, also present at Foix, the triumph of Martin Froger It means that when the left unites in a deep and balanced European project, it wins..

“If the left wants to return to power, it must unite, but it must have a real social project that unites, it is not by dividing the people that we will return to power.”confirmed the President of Occitania.

Valerie Rabo: “Without new ideas, the Socialist Party does not advance”

Marking the deep fractures crossing the left, PS took the exact opposite of Carol Delga, in her reaction press release: It is a Pyrrhic victory that does not open prospects for the left because it was built in an alliance with the rights against the union of the left and the environmentalists. »

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Martine Froger also received congratulations from Olivier Dussopp, Minister of Labour, after the presidential party in Renaissance Evidently called for a vote for her after a first round in which her candidate, Anne-Sophie Tribott, received only 10.69% of the vote.

“If, of course, there is a place on the political spectrum for the responsible left, this election shows above all that excess and radicalism do not bear fruit and do not unite.”the minister wrote on Twitter.

“I’m still a socialist”

The new deputy for the Arije constituency, Martin Froger, told AFP: “Today I make the happiness of half of the Socialist Party, I have been a Socialist for 30 years and I am still a Socialist.”

Disappointed outgoing MP Benedict Turenne felt Martine Froger’s victory was ‘right victory’.

On PS, behind the battle of the leaders, Mélenchon question

“When we look at the transmission of voices, it is all right to point to Mrs. Froger.”She ruled, having received the visit of several heavyweights from her party during the campaign, such as Jean-Luc Mélenchon or the deputy of the Somme François Ruffin.

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His analysis has been shared by many principles of Insoumis.

“In Areej, the voices of the Macronists, the right and the far right led to the exclusion of the People’s Representative”he tweeted as an echo of the leader of the LFI deputies, Mathilde Bannot.

The candidate of the National Rally in Ariij, Jean-Marc Garnier, came in third place in the first round, with 24.78% of the vote.

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