Home Politics Calls to attack Muslims in far-right Telegram channel: Darmanin calls for its closure

Calls to attack Muslims in far-right Telegram channel: Darmanin calls for its closure

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Home Secretary Gerald Darmanin has asked an encrypted Telegram messenger to shut down chat loops used by a far-right group. “unique” Who, according to him, exchanged racist statements and calls for violence, he learned to AFP on Monday, April 3, through the delegation accompanying the minister.

“On the minister’s instructions, a report was sent via the Pharos platform to Telegram on Monday.”said the delegation, adding that Gerald Darmanin had asked “To the services to work out the legal follow-up to be given, in relation to the jurisdiction.”.

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The Bargoles Case: The End of the “Unpublished” Trial of a Heterogeneous Far-Right Gang

These Telegram groups, monitored for “End of 2022”And She has several hundred accounts.A police source detailed to AFP. among its users, Some of the profiles were known to the intelligence services.added this source.

“Attack on our Muslim compatriots”

La France insoumise (LFI) estimated in a press release that this information was “very disturbing”. “It appears that far-right activists have used these episodes to plan at least one attack on our fellow Muslims during the breaking of the Ramadan fast.”confirms Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s movement which also calls calls to kill and acts of violence Targeting “Arabs,” “blacks,” and elected leftists.”.

The existence of these discussion groups on Twitter over the weekend was revealed by Tagmat accountwhich looks like a A collaborative platform for North Africans.

Tajmaât released several screenshots of the chat episodes “French National Dieter Collection” (they are “designed”) where users share racist remarks and call for violent action.

sequel after announcement

Police and military in the group?

among users, “Some claim to be soldiers or police officers, but this remains to be proven because many of these accounts have yet to be identified.”said a police source.

According to this source, these episodes are hers “It was initially formed to serve as platforms for sharing ideas of identity, to allow sympathizers of these ideologies to meet by region.”. “It was then that more violent and extreme profiles appeared on these episodes, sometimes provoking disapproval from the former members.”.

“It is this drift toward calls for violence that justifies the services’ interest.”she said again.

The Other Terrorist Threat: Investigating this far-right fanatic who dreams of bringing down the Republic

“Full light must be shed as soon as possible by Gerald Darmanin and (Minister of the Armed Forces) Sebastien Licorne on the suspected involvement of police and soldiers in organizing these Telegram episodes”LFI added in its press release.

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