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The humanitarian ship “Ocean Viking” rescues 92 migrants in the Mediterranean Sea

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The Ocean Viking ambulance chartered by SOS Méditerranée rescued 92 migrants in distress on the afternoon of Saturday, April 1, on an inflatable boat. “overloaded and overcharged” Off Libya, a humanitarian NGO based in Marseille.

Among those evacuated are “9 women and about 40 unaccompanied minors”The NGO added on Twitter by posting pictures of the rescue.

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Most of the survivors “Exhausted, some suffer from petrol burns and injuries”, by SOS Méditerranée and a team from the Red Cross. Some, very weak, had to be carried away on a stretcher and warmed with blankets.

Immigrants, those “undesirables” whose lives matter less

The NGO has referred to in the evening that the Italian authorities assigned it to the port of Salerno (Western Campania) “as a safe place to land”. This is 450 nautical miles (about 833 kilometers) from the current location of the Ocean Viking ship. “As the weather forecast worsens, we fear the long navigation could affect the fragile situation of the survivors.”The NGO said in a statement.

Too remote port mappings

In early January, several international NGOs involved in migrant rescue operations in the Mediterranean denounced the will of the far-right Italian government. “Hindering the provision of assistance to persons in distress”.

They were called Alexandra, Abdelfattah, Yasser… They died in Calais because they didn’t get asylum

They pointed to the cross effects of an ordinance obliging the ships to surrender “without deadline” to an Italian port after each salvage and the now usual assignment to very remote ports, reducing assistance capabilities.

The Central Mediterranean is the most dangerous migration route in the world, according to the International Organization for Migration (IOM). The UN agency estimates that in 2022, 1,417 migrants disappeared there.

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