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The End of Life, Ukraine, Demonstration at the Bourne Museum, Algiers, Ginsburg … The five pieces of information this weekend are unforgettable

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Legalizing active assisted dying

While the “Manifesto 109” to change the law, launched by “OPS”, exceeded 53,000 signatures this week, the 184 members of the Citizens’ Convention on the End of Life, after the end of the ninth week of work, adopted the content of the report that they will submit to the President of the Republic, On Monday, April 3, at the Elysee. They reached a consensus of 65 proposals intended to maintain respect for the patient’s will, and in particular to allow him to choose where to end his life. The patient should, too “The ability to express his choice, even if it goes against the doctor’s advice”82% recommend them.

The report calls for better working conditions for caregivers, both at home and in institutions, “By adapting the number of physicians to the demographic evolution of an aging population” but also in “Estimating the time doctors devote to patients”.

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Thus, for the most part, members of the Citizens Convention advocate the legalization of active assisted dying and the promotion of palliative care.

End of Life: The Citizens Convention recommends the legalization of active assisted dying and the promotion of palliative care

Zelensky praises the Ukrainian resistance to the Russian invasion

A year after discovering the atrocities committed by the Russians in Bucha, after their army had been forced to retreat, the Ukrainian president paid tribute to his people: You have stopped the greatest force against humanity of our time. ».

We will liberate all our lands. We will return the Ukrainian flag in all our cities and towns.and support for Volodymyr Zelensky, while Russia still controls more than 18% of Ukrainian territory. “We continue to fight for the independence of our homeland”For his part, the Commander-in-Chief of the Ukrainian Army, Valery Zalogny, noted.

We will never forgiveZelensky said, promising to bring him to justice “all the culprits” Russians. Ukraine’s rating “more than 1400” The number of civilians who were martyred in Bucha district during the Russian occupation, including 37 children. Of them, 637 were killed in the city itself.

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The war in Ukraine: the Russian separated from his daughter because of a drawing he was arrested in Belarus

Demonstration on the electoral grounds of Elizabeth Bourne

On Saturday 1 April several thousand people – 6,000 according to the unions, 3,100 according to the province – marched peacefully in Vir (Calvados), in the constituency where Elizabeth Bourne was elected deputy in the last legislative election (bad weekend). to the Prime Minister, outraged by her Foreign Minister Marlene Schiappa’s interview with “Playboy”).

Among the many banners raised, ‘Nothing good about Macron’ or I want a sparkle in my retirement.. Among the logos… “Hey Jupiter, let’s go, the interpro on the street will block Si..”shouted into the megaphone from the car, or even “Who are the thugs? Who is the scum? Outside, this government that breaks pensions and public services, fills and gasses us.”.

“We express our outrage in a big way, not only against this project (to reform the pension system), but also against the contempt with which the government crushes us.”intersyndicale, has written in its invitation to participate, captioned, 64 years old no! ».

For a part of his electorate, Emmanuel Macron is now turning gold into leadership.

Algeria: A prison sentence for the head of one of the recent independent press groups

The Sidi M’hamed court in Algiers, which returned on Sunday, April 2, 2019, announced that the head of the Algerian press, Ihssan El Kadi, who was tried for “foreign financing of his company”, was sentenced to five years in prison, three of which are closed. Judgment in the presence of the accused.

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The court also ruled to dissolve Interface Médias, the two media publishers run by Ihsan Al-Qadi, confiscate all of its seized assets, and fine ten million dinars (more than 68,000 euros) against her company.

In Algeria, freedom of the press is gradually being stifled

At the beginning of January, 16 press chiefs from different countries, including Nobel Peace Prize laureate Dmitry Muratov, gathered by Reporters Without Borders, called for his release and for the obstacles to be lifted. “unacceptable” target their own media.

Two places dedicated to Serge Gainsbourg soon in Paris

More than 30 years after the artist’s death, his former home on Rue de Verneuil in Paris and a nearby space turned Musée Ginsbourg will open to the public on September 20.

Charlotte Gainsbourg: “I would have asked my father a thousand questions if I had known…”

track “You will start with a visit to the house (5 bis rue de Verneuil), an intimate diving excursion”announces his daughter, Charlotte Gainsbourg. Then, a stone’s throw from the Museum (14 avenue de Verneuil) he will relive my father’s life through his works and his collection of symbolic pieces. »

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