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Marine Le Pen will refuse to be prime minister if the RN wins early legislation

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Marine Le Pen confirmed that she would refuse to assume the position of prime minister in the event of the dissolution of the National Assembly and the victory of the National Assembly in the early legislative elections, expressing her desire to devote herself to the 2027 presidential elections. 1 in an interview with “Ouest-France.”

Marine Le Pen, The Silent Conquest

It seems that his party, supported by good polls, is the political force that benefits most from the current political and social crisis. In the case of a solution, “I think we can envision the majority.”thought the leader of deputies RN.

sequel after announcement

Then there will be “The Prime Minister of the National Assembly is at the head of a team composed of political forces wishing to participate in a government of national unity.”I, “I plan to be president of the republic” In 2027, the failed presidential candidate added three times.

Macron has a “toxic relationship” with the French

In the event of joining the Elysee, it confirms that it will reconsider reforming Emmanuel Macron and postponing to 64 the legal retirement age.

Why Marine Le Pen tried to have the last word on pensions

During the 2022 presidential campaign, Marine Le Pen advocated keeping retirement at 62, but would like Frenchmen who returned 20 years ago to the labor market to be allowed to leave at 60 if they have contributed at least 40 salary per year.

“I would like to propose to the national representation, or by referendum, the adoption of (this) reform”she says in “Ouest-France”, disapprovingly “toxic relationship” which the head of state maintains with the French, “It throws them against each other, exacerbating tensions.”.

sequel after announcement

RN is very far from the majority, even relative

Having long called for a referendum on pensions, Marine Le Pen called for the dissolution of the Chamber of Deputies after using 49.3 and rejecting a motion of censure.

Emmanuel Macron will not go to the referendum because he is afraid of the people.MP RN thought. And “He will not initiate a solution unless he is forced to do so.”which means, according to her, “In the event of a tragedy”.

“They are there, in the countryside …”: an investigation of Le Pen’s 87 soldiers on a consolidation mission in the regions

In the RN, some executives remain concerned about the risks of early legislative elections. By gathering 22% of voting intentions, the far-right party would certainly improve its June result by three points, according to a Harris Interactive study in early March, but it would only have won about ten MPs, far from any majority. , even relative.

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